Wednesday Jan 19, 2022

2 must-see tourist spots in Jordan

The question is whether or not you would like a visit to Jordan, as it is in an unstable area surrounding Israel. Jordan, also known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is located in the north of the Arabian Peninsula. The nation shares its borders with Syria in the east, with Iraq and Saudi Arabia, with Israel in the west, and of course; to the south with Saudi Arabia. A small part of the southern limit is washed by the waters of the Red Sea.

Madaba “City of mosaics”, Jordan

Jordan – part of the Christian Holy Land; therefore numerous places are located, in connection with the events described in the Old and New Covenant books of the Christian Bible. Among the enormous list of places, which are of interest to pilgrims, it is worth highlighting the mosaic map of Madaba (discovered in 1896) in which it is located on the floor of the Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint George.

The archaeological park that unites in itself several of the remains of Byzantine villas and churches is rich in decorated mosaic panels. The abundance of mosaics in Madaba has given the name “City of Mosaics” to the Jordanian city. After inspecting numerous monuments, you can rest at the Red or Dead Sea. An 8-day tour package is available at the OnTheGoTours website ( priced at approximately $ 1,100 per person, which includes a 7-day visit to Madaba.

Petra: an ancient city touted in the Dead Sea scrolls

Petra, an ancient rose red city near a discovered site known to be 9,000 years old, suggests that humans inhabited it prehistorically. Petra was lost in the western world until it was rediscovered in 1812 by a Swiss explorer named Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. The city is now a World Heritage Site since 1985 and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. There are many fascinating buildings in Petra, carved out of stone from the rock cliffs such as the Monastery, the Urn Tomb and the treasure. It is certainly a unique experience to visit the ancient city that was possibly mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls as the city of Rekem. Regardless, Petra is a fantastic achievement of the ancient human civilization in the area.

A Petra trekking tour package can be found online at for approximately $ 1747 per person. It is a 9 day tour that arrives in Amman on the first day and visits the lost city of Petra on the fifth day. An alternative tour package could be taken from within Israel. Now that the two countries, Israel and Jordan, have been at peace since 1994, frequent visits are possible. The one-day tour ( is priced at around $ 145 per person and begins in the southernmost city of Eilat in Israel. Also note that the visa for Jordan must be purchased before arriving in Israel. Which of the two ways do you choose to visit Petra? Keep in mind that you will enter an impressive environment, perhaps even a mysterious and strange city. So the answer to the initial question about visiting Jordan is that you would like it.

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