Monday Jun 27, 2022

Home Based Business Challenges

What are some of the biggest challenges in your home business? Do you struggle to stay focused? Are you trying to figure out how to do sales and marketing? Do you have problems with administrative tasks? Let’s talk about it. I have been operating a home business since 2000 and my home business challenges have […]

Architectural 3D rendering: an introduction

Architectural 3D rendering is the most sought after and popular technique used by the architectural industry today. This has sparked a revolution in this field of engineering and is popularly used as a marketing tool. Architectural 3D rendering is divided into multiple services based on their use. It can be used to create images with […]

When famous trademarks become art, fair use or infringement?

A common question asked of experienced IP attorneys relates to artists’ use of famous trademark products in the context of artistic expression, and whether such uses are protected as free speech or nothing. more than a violation. Examples include Andy Warhol’s famous pop culture paintings of Campbell’s soup cans, as well as the juxtaposition of […]

Can I heal myself?

At the heart of most energy healing modalities is the concept of healing ourselves. Is this what we were built to do, but what our coding or life experiences make us forget? Why can we embrace the idea of ​​going to another source for healing? either with the use of pharmaceuticals or with a healthcare […]

Pugs as pets

A purebred Pug is one of the most recognized and beloved small dog breeds available. Anyone familiar with the breed will tell you that it’s a lot of dogs in one small package. Pugs are believed to have originated in Asia before 400 BC. C., so this is one of the oldest canine breeds. The […]

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