Monday Jun 27, 2022

About Wing999 Casino Website

Wing999 Casino Website The Wingulfam Casino website is the most attractive free casino gambling online. This site is very new and the staff members are extremely helpful. The customer service here is superb and the software is simply the best. This casino site offers a deposit bonus of 100% of your initial deposit. In addition […]

Get Educated About Dallas Criminology – Dallas Sex Crimes Lawyer Resource on Sexual Assault

About Dallas Criminology Dallas Criminology is a study of crime, the criminal justice system, and the policies and laws that are created to protect the public from crime. There are approximately three hundred lawyers practicing in this area of law. Most work on a contract basis and are paid hourly. There are also private detectives […]

Use of parallel construction in technical documents

The careful technical writer always uses parallel construction in paragraphs, lists, and even sentences. For sentences that are just good grammar. So what is parallel construction? Parallel sentences According to my oldest textbook on technical writing, a sentence is parallel if its coordinated elements are expressed in the same grammatical form. By creating and maintaining […]

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