Saturday May 28, 2022

How to increase immunity to rats

As winter approaches, it is important to focus our attention on how we can increase our rats’ immunity against infection and provide them with the best possible defense during what is often a vulnerable time for rats, especially older people. High humidity, along with cold, can create conditions that affect a vulnerable rat’s respiratory system. […]

The mobile news app

Sharing news, exciting or mundane, is one of our favorite activities. On a daily basis, we share a series of updates on our social networks. Collect information from various sources, following the latest trends, these are the ones that interest us the most. But this comes with a fair amount of hassle and involves considerable […]

Virtual reality: why this time is different

Let’s start with a quick introduction to the history of virtual reality. Virtual reality was created in 1965 by Ivan Sutherland: he created the “Definitive Screen”, a device that could superimpose metallic structure interiors in a room. The military was simultaneously researching and investing in the potential of virtual reality for simulation and flight training. […]

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