Wednesday Jan 19, 2022

The magic of DOS

In this guide you will learn to: telnet , spoof email, using nslookup and netcat with Windows XP. So you have the latest and most dazzling “Fisher Price” version of Windows: XP. How can you use XP in a way that sets you apart from boring users? **************** Luser Alert: Anyone who thinks this GTMHH […]

Self-esteem and weight loss

Did you know that your own self-esteem may be a contributing factor to some of your problems? Let’s look at weight loss, for example. We all know that the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar business per year and who are the advertisers targeting? Woman! To encourage women to join their weight loss plan, […]

What is an Intellectual Property (IP)?

The concept of ownership is something that we all understand. Take real estate. The property is a house, a shopping mall, a commercial building, or farmland. You can touch it, walk on it and live in it. Pretty simple concept. Property is something real, ergo, real estate. An intellectual property is different. It usually starts […]

Chikara Reiki Do – Alternative Attunement with a Reiki Master

Chikara Reiki Do was presented by teachers Judith and Chris Conroy. These 2 masters use the basic principles of Usui Reiki. The only important difference of its teaching with other methods is that Chikara Reiki Do begins with the attunement with oneself. The Reiki attunement ritual simply connects a healer with the source of Reiki […]

Tips for Using Prudential Real Estate Bank Property Foreclosure Listing

Investors and homebuyers are discovering that Prudential real estate bank’s property foreclosure listing offers a wide range of discount homes. Homes in foreclosure are moving up the ranks as the preferred choice for buyers as they are priced below market value. Prudential Real Estate Bank’s property foreclosure list covers all types of residential properties, as […]

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