Wednesday Jan 19, 2022

A Third Party Chloe + Isabel Review: Should You Join?

So there’s a new direct sales company making a splash called Chloe + Isabel, and chances are if you’re reading this you’re probably thinking of joining up and becoming a distributor. Before joining, I want to encourage you to take a moment to read this full review. It’s short but detailed, and I’ll cover all the essential details you’ll need to know before getting started.

Who is Chloe + Isabel?

First things first, if you are considering becoming a distributor, it is important to know who the company really is. The New York-based company was founded nearly 4 years ago by CEO Chantel Waterbury. Before starting Chloe + Isabel, Waterbury spent 15 years designing and marketing jewelry. She worked and gained experience with big name companies such as Target, Macy’s, Gap, Kenneth Cole, and Tiffany and Co. The company sells affordable yet trendy handmade jewelry. The company offers pieces of the same quality as jewelry boutiques and department stores, but at about a third of the cost. They can keep their prices affordable by using direct sales as their primary form of distribution, eliminating the retail markup and traditional advertising costs. All of their pieces are designed in their NYC Studio and backed by a lifetime warranty. The company recently added its first fragrance to its product line called Jardins du Midi. While the company is young, it is certainly growing rapidly, experiencing accelerated growth of 250% from 2012 to 2013, and is expected to grow another 350% from 2013 to 2014.

What makes Chloe + Isabel unique?

What makes the company different from other Direct Sales or Network Marketing companies is the amount of training they provide to their distributors (known as Merchandisers). In today’s age of social media, the company realizes that simply hosting “tupperware” -style house parties is not enough. They train distributors on a variety of topics, including branding, product photography, and storytelling through social media. For example, the company goes to great lengths to dig into all the details of Instagram marketing, including filters, fonts, and even color palettes to use for which products. It is quite unique in the industry. This is all good news if you are serious about joining and getting started.

How do you earn money?

To join the company, you must complete an application and wait for a response. Typically, the company allows 20-30% of applicants to join. If you are chosen, you will have to purchase your Starter Kit for $ 175. As far as the compensation plan is concerned, you can earn 30% commissions on all your personal sales. You can also win free and discounted jewelry. And you can buy the collection with a 30% -50% discount. If your only goal is to retail products, then the compensation plan seems fair enough and can even be quite lucrative. I couldn’t find any information about the income you will get from building a team, nor did I see anything about creating a team, so I’m not even sure you can. Obviously, if you’re serious about joining and want to get other people’s overrides, you need to do your own due diligence and review the compensation plan for yourself.

Is it a good company and should you join?

Without a doubt, Chloe + Isabel is a solid company with a good opportunity. The company sells high-quality parts and pays close attention to its distributors. That being said, those things will play a very small role in your success. While having good products and training is important, the most important thing that will influence your success will be your ability to market effectively and generate leads. With enough leads, you will be able to sell products and build a base of repeat customers. I recommend that you use attraction marketing so that you can generate leads online. If you can apply attraction marketing and you can implement the training provided by the company, it is unknown how prosperous your Chloe + Isabel business can be.

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