Wednesday Jan 19, 2022

Alleviating puppy whining: how to stop a beagle puppy from whining

There is nothing more shocking than a whiny Beagle puppy that won’t stop. When you get to the point where you refuse to invite people to your home, you know you’ve gone too far. Have the peace and quiet you deserve. Learn how to silence a crying Beagle puppy once and for all:

o The worst thing you can do is respond to your puppy’s whining. If you have locked it in a box or left it in a separate room, it will complain at first. What you have to do is ignore it completely. By the time you enter the room, you are showing the puppy that the whining will bring him back. Beagles are very smart and should respond well to this.

o Take your puppy out at the same time each day at key times: after meals, when he wakes up in the morning, when he wakes up at night, and after he has been alone for a long period of time.

o Train your puppy to stop whining. Practice entering the room immediately after it stops. This will show the puppy that you will come back if it stops. They will begin to see silence as something that is rewarded.

o Put one of your dirty shirts in the crate or room with the puppy. This will remind him of you and make the puppy feel more secure.

o You can try creating a makeshift noise generator. Take an empty can and fill it with coins. Every time the Beagle puppy starts whining, shake the rattle. The puppy will not like the sound and will start to believe that the whining makes that horrible sound.

o Another thing that works is a radio. Puppies sometimes respond very well to a low radio. This will provide a sound so your puppy believes that he is not alone.

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