Monday Jan 17, 2022

Amazing facts about tithing

1. Who are the biggest decimators in the world? Kim Kardashian has given millions of dollars in tithes! Kim Kardashian gives generously to a foundation for the terminally ill and tithes ten percent of all her profits to a church co-founded by her mother. What does she earn in a year? His annual net income is estimated at more than $ 35 million. Estimate that at least $ 3.5 million a year will go to tithe!

(There are probably a lot more top donors. But they don’t want me to apply, so they make sure everything is secret …)

2. On the other hand … The patriarch Jacob tithed his sons, consecrating Levi. That’s a pretty heavy tithe!

(Is anyone else offering a son as a tithe?)

3. The longest tithe is that of smiles, because there is a MILE between the first and the last letter. Har, Har!

(Or maybe it’s Neons, where there is an EON in the middle.)

4. The tithe turns deadly; On December 14, 1831 in a place called Carrickshock, Ireland, a mob of locals attacked Edmund Butler, a tithe collector and a detachment of the Royal Irish Police escorting him. A shower of stones fell on the police and the chief of police, Captain Gibbons and fourteen of his men were killed. So were Butler and twenty-five or thirty locals, who had attacked the detachment with stones and other implements.

It makes me cry even thinking about it …

5. The oldest tithe; the ancient Babylonians collected ten percent, the Esretu, for the governor’s benefit, many years before the Bible.

It was CALLED tithe. Like other things in life, it wasn’t quite what it seemed. It was really a TAX!

6. Free tithe; Now you can safely tithe without paying a penny – give your unwanted gift cards instead!

7. Mormons are required to tithe above all other obligations, such as paying bills or debts. It comes before the rental too. Not tithing is considered more sinful than alcoholism and smoking, the worst sins.

So what does the Mormon Church benefit from tithing? $ 4.3 billion a year is the estimate!

8. The War of the Tithe; From 1830-36 there was a real war waged by the Irish against paying tithing for the maintenance of the established state church – the Church of Ireland Tithing was paid in cash or in kind (that’s kind of you!) And payment was mandatory, even atheists needed to tithe!

I guess the old adage “… when atheists start to tithe …” is a bit fishy!

9. Tithing jail; In 1832, Andrew Fitzgerald, the president of Carlow College, was jailed for failing to pay his tithes. Things have changed since then, I heard.

10. On the menu; In the Middle Ages there was not only a tithe of wine in the cellars, there was a tithe of the cut wood, the slaughtered meat and even the land that had been prepared for agriculture.

I wonder if you cut your hair and wanted to make a wig, should you tithe that too?

11. Who tithes? Only three percent of American adults tithe ten percent or more of their income to churches.

Shells …

12. The tithe is quite universal; All Jews, Christians and Muslims tithe!

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