Saturday Oct 23, 2021

Assessing the home for future architectural problems, defects, and stability

Is it the thrill or the adventure you are feeling? Or it may be the state of your finances, but you are looking for a rustic diamond. But the decision is still up to the lender on how rustic a home can be before taking on the risk of a mortgage.

Assessing the home for future problems, defects, and architectural stability are the things to do before negotiating a contract. This is not included in the evaluation, it is a different part. Evaluating a home is confirming that the home you are buying is still appreciable. A professional inspector should check to see if the home you are buying has a shitty roof, leaky pipes, termite damage, or other major problems. You should be informed about what things will be repaired or replaced, time period, and how much it will cost. Not all lenders require an inspection when you are buying a home that is in dire need of repair.

What are you going to do if you are lucky and the house is almost perfect? You don’t have big problems. Maybe the tiles just need to be replaced or a little polishing on the floor is enough. Or maybe you just need a lovely new wallpaper.

The worn color of the paint is usually not the reason that lenders lose interest and the bargains remain between buyer and seller. If you have no idea how to negotiate, you can hire a good agent to do it for you.

Make sure things that need to be repaired or replaced are included in a contract like worn carpets, termite damage, or even a broken mailbox. You can request the budget for repairs and replacement that is included in the contract. By doing this, it will be easy to obtain a mortgage, because the lender has the best chance of lending at a cheaper property price.

Sellers sometimes asked if they could make repairs after negotiations closed. Some buyers are dealing with the seller and asking, instead of buying a new carpet for $ 5000; they just want to deduct the $ 5000 from the final negotiated price. The carpet is now up to the buyer.

But never wait for the lender to give you the money to buy the carpet. If the seller told you they will give you the money for the carpet after closing or even if it was on the contract, it will never happen. There are no cash allowances in the contracts. The lender will never allow the seller to hand over cash at closing. During closing time, you and the real estate agent will write a sales contract to get you away from this. And if you think you can go home with cash in your pocket, this is impossible.

If you are buying a home that is for sale cheaply or a home that is in dire need of repair, in some ways this can be advantageous. You can choose what type of home improvement you want, but there will be a lot of work to do and a lender will be difficult to find. The best thing to do is to talk to the lender first and tell him about all your plans for the house and perhaps this will make the negotiations successful.

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