Monday Jun 27, 2022

Foreclosure Process: The 3 Stages Real Estate Investors Need to Know

If you’re investing in real estate, chances are you’ve researched the foreclosure process. The foreclosure market is full of amazing deals, and knowing the right stage to buy will help you get the most out of your investment. Depending on your local economy, each stage will offer a different type of potential for your investment […]

Top 4 Considerations for Buying Smaller Investment Real Estate!

Smaller investment properties often offer significant financial/economic benefits, in terms of creating a combination of asset growth, return on investment and a degree of security. However, this is true only if the buyer first fully understands what to look for and why. Different potential properties, have, vary, potential, for optimal performance, etc! While not everyone […]

Can Bhringraj Really Promote Hair Growth Like Minoxidil?

While traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine has promoted the health benefits of the Bhringraj plant for many hundreds of years, recent scientific studies have confirmed the hair growth potential of Bhringraj (also known as Eclipta alba). Scientists rarely test traditional remedies, but the weight of anecdotal evidence and the popularity of Bhringraj as an effective hair […]

Grow your business with digital marketing strategy

Whether you’re relaunching a product, starting a business, or strategizing a new digital marketing plan for the coming year, understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing is essential to your success. For small business sellers, individual sellers, or those who work for a large corporate team, digital marketing tactics will help your organization be found online […]

What jobs are safe from automation?

The path to automation requires robots to collaborate with humans, rather than just replace them entirely. Most jobs will still require human intervention to some degree. The risk of job automation is higher in predictable, manual and repetitive work environments and in industries with more stringent regulations. Automation risk is lower in unstructured, dynamic and […]

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