Friday Oct 22, 2021

How to use spices and herbs

Conceivable flavor combinations provide unlimited potential results to enhance a dish. The options are further expanded by the flavor distinction between fresh and dry flavors, and the flavor enhancement achieved by including the flavors at a particular point in the cooking process. Exploring different pathways for various flavors or spices is an incredible approach to […]

Kite festival

Kite flying is an extremely popular sport in China, India, Japan, Thailand, and several other countries. ‘Kite fights’ take place in numerous countries, where kite fighters try to cut the competitors’ kites or break them if possible. Kite fighters pass their strings through an amalgam of glue and ground glass powder, making it more powerful […]

Pre-prepared legal documents: why "Canned" Can get you canned documents

Watching commercials on television late at night can be a great education for the estate planning attorney. It seems that all channels have pre-prepared or “canned” legal documents for commercial sales to “save you the costs of hiring a high-priced attorney”: “Save thousands of dollars with our (insert document type: wills, trusts , powers, deeds, […]

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