Monday Jun 27, 2022

Psychokinesis and other paranormal activities of adolescents

As a person who teaches about developing psychic abilities, I am often approached by teenagers and their parents from all over the world. Teenagers are often the source of many paranormal activities that can be considered psychic. This article is intended to explain some of these strange activities. poltergeist phenomena One of the most popular […]

Commercial Mortgage Lender Explains Credit Default Swaps: What They Are and Why They Matter

Imagine a world where public institutions couldn’t lend money to consumers, businesses, or each other. Imagine Treasury bonds downgraded from AAA to B-. Imagine that the dollar loses another 20% of its relative value and imagine that the unemployment rate triples in 3 months. Before the US government stepped in with a $700 billion plan […]

The Sign Bracket Racket – Selling Brackets Increases Sales of Signs, Banners and Hanging Baskets

“Adding a support to a sign sale can increase that total sale by up to 50%.” Patti House, Sign Design, Inc., Purcellville, VA “The support added value for the customer and also increased the amount of the sale.” Nathan Folsom, Sign-A-Rama, Chino, CA “About 50% of our customers are also looking for hardware.”Patti House, Sign […]

The ABC’s of Technical Writing: 4 Traits Technical Writers Should Know

Writing a technical report is often a real challenge for many technical professionals. Research, research, or design is why you’re doing what you love to do… but then you have to write a report. And that has the potential to be the weak link. But there are some characteristics of technical writing that are essential, […]

History of tomato sauce

Ketchup dates back to 1600 AD when sailors traveling to China discovered a sauce made from soybeans or oysters called ‘ketsiap’. East The version quickly changed the ingredients to include mushrooms, anchovies, shallots, and lemon peel. Then, in the late 1700s, tomato sauce appeared in Nova Scotia and began the transformation to today’s sweet tomato […]

Control and end chronic pain and fight hunger pangs at the same time

How do you reduce your consumption and reduce portion sizes? Especially when you’re always hungry? It seems impossible. It’s possible. Learning what foods your body needs will ease your hunger issues as well as your overall girth. Staying flexible will be an added benefit, as well as curing any digestive issues you may have. Learning […]

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