Sunday Nov 28, 2021

Automatic suggestion for achievement

The power of suggestion was scientifically proven. An interesting experiment was narrated by Baron Nils Posse in his famous book, ‘Hypnotism’

The Experiment was carried out by a scientist during the time of Napoleon III. Here a scientist got a criminal with the consent of Napolean III to find out the relationship between the body and the mind. The scientist informed the man that he was going to open his carotid artery. The criminal understood that his blood would be drawn out by bleeding him to death on a particular day. On the scheduled date, the scientist had the offender tied to a table with his eyes blindfolded. However, they left his ears free so that he could listen to anything. . The offender heard the sound of water falling from the tap and since he was blindfolded, he believed that the sound was due to his own blood flowing from his body, he was left in that condition and died six minutes later. He was only given a slight scratch and in fact not even a drop of blood came out of his body, but he nevertheless died because he believed that his own blood was flowing upon hearing the sound of the tipping tap. He firmly believed that his death was inevitable and that is why he died. That is the relationship between mind and body. What is believed or thought in the mind is actually effected in the body.

The abvoe experiment explains very well the power of suggestion. By using suggestion, one could overcome his ailments and problems.

Emile coue, the authority on automatic suggestion, writes: “The repetition of the same words will force you to think, think them and when you think them they become true for you and become reality.”

Every day in the morning we have to repeat the healing suggestion for about fifteen minutes. At night, just before going to sleep, this can be repeated again for fifteen minutes for best benefits.

Coue composed a suggestion in the French language since he was a French man. This was translated into English by Orton. The general formula for all purposes is this: “Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

Whoever repeats this every day will get huge benefits.

The mysterious power of suggestion will be explained in more detail later in this series.

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