Saturday Oct 23, 2021

Beautiful friendship poem dedicated to ‘My friend’

A good friend is a blessing in disguise that has extraordinary power to transform your life into a journey filled with meaning and joy, a journey that leads to your life purpose.

Every human being is born with a motive, a goal and a purpose, everyone has to live that purpose before leaving this world. The journey to this destination is hard and challenging full of stones, but if we have good friends to travel we can do wonders. The same blocking stones can be used to make a bridge that will help us go one step further.

A good friend should be treasured as a prized possession. Nothing in life can be more precious than this and if you happen to lose it or take it for granted, you will lose your smiles, your joys and your destiny in the long run as well. Carry this prized possession with you and no storm can bring you down … just because your friend is with you.

Sometimes the feeling of friendship goes beyond words, the intensity of intimacy and the purity of the relationship begin to challenge words and expression. Let’s take up the challenge and pay an expressive tribute to our best friend who has been by our side in the rain, in the storm, and in joyous movement.

An angel as a friend

Days and weeks, months and years
They all passed away with fear and tears
No one who loves me and comforts me,
As illusions plague sanity
I never thought that God was so good
To send an angel, to be my friend,
As you reached out your hand
To transform my life, the way He had planned
You gave me so many reasons to smile
Reasons to banish doubts and fears,
Reasons to love my life again
For you today I am,
The ‘me’ that I’ve never been.
Sometimes it’s hard to imagine
An angel as a friend
But that’s the beauty part
We will never understand.

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