Saturday Aug 13, 2022

Book Review: Out of the Shadows

Patrick Carnes is a speaker and author who has become an expert in the field of sexual addiction and codependency. Out of the Shadows, her first book, clearly describes the way lives and families are wounded when intimacy is replaced with compulsive behaviors.

Dr. Carnes defines addiction and uses case studies to help the reader better understand how addiction begins and progresses in people’s lives. His Addictive Cycle Chart shows several significant stages that contribute to and reinforce addiction: these include belief system, impaired thinking, unmanageability, worry, ritualization, sexual compulsiveness, and despair that add to the problems the addiction has. individual initially faced.

Personal pain and lack of intimacy can be difficult. Childhood trauma can often fuel a person’s desire to find an escape. Sex is at the core of our identities, but if it is used as a replacement for healthy relationships, the consequences can be devastating.

Dr. Carnes argues that there are different levels of addiction. It also describes how cybersex has become a major issue for some due to the availability and secrecy it provides.

But the sexual addict is not the only one who suffers. Family members may be involved in co-addiction and often become facilitators in their attempts to fix things or hide them.

Dr. Carnes is not only a pioneer, but also a researcher who has spent years of his life developing effective ways to communicate with and treat those affected by sexual addiction. In addition to the narrative, it uses graphics, checklists and provides resources to facilitate understanding.

The good news is that there is an effective treatment available. Dr. Carnes clearly shows how twelve step programming can help the addict come out of the shadows and learn to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

“Out of the Shadows” was originally published in 1983 and has been revised twice since then. Therefore, the information and research are current.

A resource guide contains a list of recommended reading, as well as contact information for various organizations that help sex addicts.

This book is suitable for therapists, addicts, codependents, and people who just want to learn more about it. It is written in an easy to understand style.

I like the fact that “Out of the Shadows” not only describes the warning signs, dynamics, and consequences of sexual addiction, but also offers solutions and hope for those who want to make positive changes.

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