Monday Jan 17, 2022

Brochure Tips – Simply Unknown

Your topic is not saturated and there really is no common sense of how basic you think your information is. There is always more to learn and more people to reach, no matter how many people in your immediate circle you think know most of what you seem to know.

You may have been taught early in your life that white vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent, yet someone in their 60s who is otherwise above average intelligence never had reason to know that. particular information. Here you are, an expert in housekeeping, organizing, parenting, or some other field, and you think “everyone should already know that.” The FACT is that everyone doesn’t know.

You also know a lot of other things about white vinegar when it comes to cooking, and how it works in various types of cuisine or when treating garden-grown preserves. Because you’ve been using white vinegar in so many ways for so many years, you find yourself assuming that everyone who grows and preserves your crop or everyone who cooks probably already knows what you know. They do not do it.

These people definitely know things that you don’t. People taught each other different things. Each of you reached your interests at different times in your life and are in different places on your journey learning basic concepts and more advanced information.

Each had different needs to know. The person who did not realize that white vinegar is an effective cleaning agent may never have ever cleaned their own home or the things in it. Or they just thought commercially made cleaning products were the best. As surprising as it may be to you, not only is it true, but it opens up possibilities you never considered. After all, YOU never knew everything you know today, amazing as your understanding of the obvious is.

Thinking about the basics of your professional or personal life opens doors to share your experiences and information in ways that may never have occurred to you. Whether it’s 52 ways to use white vinegar in your life or 52 great ideas to occupy your child on a cross-country car trip, you’ve thought of things other people haven’t. At the very least, the information you’ve already gathered and are bringing to market may need to be redirected to a new audience that you haven’t yet reached out to. There are always people, companies and organizations that come to different moments in their lives mature for what you have.

ACTION – Review the experience you already have for sale or are considering packing and selling. The most likely place to take you is just one of many places to start or redirect your efforts. Whether you get an immediate warm reception the first places you go, or it takes a little while to get to an open door, keep in mind that there are people who not only don’t know what you know, there are companies and associations that they will find your information useful for their marketing and sales purposes.

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