Saturday Oct 16, 2021

What Makes Your Nonprofit Organization Unique? A 7-Step Process to Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition

Perhaps more to the point, what makes the public care? What makes you want to send money? What makes you want to volunteer?   A generation ago, business schools promoted “competitive advantage” or “comparative advantage.” One example was the “Chicago boys”, entrepreneurs trained at the University of Chicago who in the early 1970s helped reshape […]

Why do web directories thrive?

Why do web directories thrive in an age when so many people trust search engines? Internet directories present organized and curated lists of related websites, where search engines can find websites based on a known category rather than the keywords that make up the content of those websites. Search engines depend on a website containing […]

Sourcing Strategy: 3 Key Steps to Writing an Effective Situation Goal Proposal Statement

A situation objective proposal (or STP) statement is a succinct summary of why you think there is a problem to be solved or an opportunity to understand (the situation); what you hope to achieve with it (the Goal); and how you suggest doing it (the proposal). All of these are important requirements for developing an […]

How We Will Check the Facts in Future Presidential Debates

The technology that complements presidential debates has been changing since the first officer in 1960. The advent of mass media, television, and now social media have allowed for greater interactions and reactions from viewers, which is certainly a welcome addition. to a process that attracts a meager 50% of eligible voters for the polls on […]

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