Friday Oct 22, 2021

Dog tear stains aren’t just cosmetic

Dog tear stains are a cosmetic problem, caused by an overflow of tears on the cheeks, which is most obvious in dogs with white coats and other light colors. Tear buildup in facial hair can lead to hair tangling, skin irritation, and possibly infection. Hair can act like a lock, drawing tears from the eye. […]

Improve Pug Image Search

Pugs take great photos! The Chinese Pug is one of the most photogenic breeds of all purebred dogs. With wrinkled noses and flat faces, Pugs make excellent photogenic subjects. Pug images are great to use in your home, in scrapbooking, as a computer wallpaper, or as a screen saver. When deciding where to find the […]

Up to 60,000,000 homeless cats

This is the estimated number of homeless cats roaming the US now. Many were pets that the owners no longer wanted, so they left them somewhere. Even more are second, third or, if they can live that long, fourth generation ‘wild’ or wild cats. January and February are bad months in cat shelters. This is […]

Is a Maltese the perfect dog for you?

Originally from the Mediterranean area, these little dogs, with long, silky white hair, seem to float, instead of walking through a room. Believed to have gained popularity among European royalty after the Crusades, the Maltese remained as companions and sometimes as bed warmers! There is nothing cuter than a Maltese puppy! They look like tiny […]

Lost souls found! Inspiring Stories About Golden Retrievers Volume II Is Heartwarming And Bittersweet

Lost Souls Found !: Inspiring Stories About Golden Retrievers Volumes 1 & II, published by Happy Tails Books, are a must-have for anyone who loves dogs, but especially those who love Golden Retrievers. Personally, I was immediately drawn to these books after reading a couple of excerpts. I myself had a beautiful Golden Retriever in […]

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