Saturday May 28, 2022

Injustice against wildlife: the need for a display of kindness towards pets and other wildlife

The animal kingdom has always coexisted with humans for countless generations. The symbiotic relationship between man and the faunal species in the environment has been interdependent. However, recent injustice against animals is on the rise and as such needs to be addressed. Animals that have been adopted as pets face domestic violence from their owners […]

Why do ferrets steal things?

The word ferret has its origin in Latin and is translated as pilferer. With that tidbit of knowledge, it shouldn’t surprise you that ferrets like to steal things and hoard them. My ferrets take everything they can drag. I’ve seen my little one pound girl try to take the dog’s sterilized bone; the bone weighs […]

10 wacky reasons to get a pet

Having been a dog owner for most of my life, I would advise any potential owner that dog ownership has its ups and downs. Still, downsides (for example, too much barking or excessive pooping) aren’t enough to tell. Here are some plausible, if slightly wacky, reasons to get a dog. 1. A pet is a […]

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