Thursday Jan 27, 2022

Concrete Vs Pavers

Poured concrete is the most common material used for outdoor spaces and offers the advantage of a durable surface with many design options to fit any landscape. Pavers are individual pieces that can have an interlocking or square-edged design and can be made from different materials, such as precast concrete, brick, stone slabs, or pavers. […]

What To Look For When Buying Property Before Foreclosure: Strategies For Buying Property Before Foreclosure

Buying a home through foreclosure is without a doubt one of the best ways to buy a home for less than its fair market value. A great benefit of buying houses before foreclosure is that you don’t have to compete in foreclosure auctions that can get out of control. There is also no need to […]

A brief history of the bucket

The bucket has been a part of human history for thousands of years. Thought to originate from the word “buc” which meant launcher in Old English, the word was first used in the 13th century and continues to be a part of our ever-evolving language, from jargon to computer terminology. From early childhood – the […]

Tips for Using Prudential Real Estate Bank Property Foreclosure Listing

Investors and homebuyers are discovering that Prudential real estate bank’s property foreclosure listing offers a wide range of discount homes. Homes in foreclosure are moving up the ranks as the preferred choice for buyers as they are priced below market value. Prudential Real Estate Bank’s property foreclosure list covers all types of residential properties, as […]

Why Workers Compensation Fraud Doesn’t Pay

Ask any business owner and he or she will tell you that insurance isn’t just about property or business general, professional and employee liability coverage. In general, it is legally required for a company to purchase workers’ compensation coverage so that employees can claim benefits in the event they incur a work-related injury. So it’s […]

Copywriting – Translating Salesmanship to Print Tips for Writing Better Copy

Writing ads that sell. Copywriting has long been used in direct mail advertising. Many people consider it “junk” mail. But remember that the big companies that send you their advertising in the mail employ and pay their copywriters well. Study the professionals to improve your own writing. A free and easy way to improve your […]

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