Thursday Jan 27, 2022

Samsung Phone Covers

Introduction Samsung, based in Samsung Town, Seoul, is a South Korean multinational conglomerate. Most of Samsung’s numerous subsidiaries and affiliates are united under the Samsung brand, making it the largest corporate conglomerate in South Korea. In 1938, Lee Byung-chul founded Samsung as a trading company. Growth diversified into food processing, textiles, securities, retail, and insurance […]

Apple iPhone price

If there is one phone that came and instantly became a sensation, it is without a doubt the iPhone from Apple Inc.A product of the world’s most trusted and innovative brand, Apple, the iPhone really took the markets in stride and never looked back. since its launch in 2007. Apple’s iPhone reached the zenith of […]

Mobile Phone Radiation: The 10 Lowest Radiation Mobile Phones of 2009

All mobile phones, once turned on, emit certain amounts of electromagnetic radiation in the microwave radio frequency range. During the past 15 years or so, when mobile phone use has become phenomenal around the world, the effects of this radiation on human health have been intensively studied and the subject of many heated debates. In […]

ICO Token Valuation and Incorrect Emphasis on Blockchain Technical Experts and ICO Advisors

Statistics could no longer be ignored. Most ICOs stagnate, and remain stagnant, once the tokens hit crypto exchanges, after the frenzy is over and the ‘FOMO’ attending crowdsale is over. Most observers tracking the ICO phenomenon universally agree that the trend in recent months has been for ICOs to lose value after crowdsale, with many […]

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