Saturday Oct 23, 2021

London 2012 Olympics: Paraguayan Warrior Athlete Benjamin Hockin – A Lesson for Many Athletes!

A true national hero He could be a full-time swimmer for the British Olympic team or Spain, but he always wanted to compete under the flag of Paraguay, a small South American country known as one of the least developed nations in the sporting world. Although Paraguay, one of the first independent republics in the […]

Type 2 Diabetes and Mashed Potatoes: How to Make a Favorite Comfort Food More Diabetes-friendly!

There is no single food that causes more problems in controlling diabetes than mashed potatoes. Potatoes. A high-glycemic form of carbohydrate is said to increase insulin resistance and the risk of type 2 diabetes. A favorite side dish of the American Thanksgiving holiday, potatoes of all fashions cause blood sugar levels to drop. blood will […]

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