Monday Jun 27, 2022

The Sign Bracket Racket – Selling Brackets Increases Sales of Signs, Banners and Hanging Baskets

“Adding a support to a sign sale can increase that total sale by up to 50%.” Patti House, Sign Design, Inc., Purcellville, VA “The support added value for the customer and also increased the amount of the sale.” Nathan Folsom, Sign-A-Rama, Chino, CA “About 50% of our customers are also looking for hardware.”Patti House, Sign […]

What we learned from the Facebook breach

Headlines about the Facebook data breach continue to abound. Totally different from the site hacks where credit card information was stolen at major retailers, the company in question, Cambridge Analytica, had a right to use this information. Unfortunately, they used this information without permission and in a way that was openly misleading both to Facebook […]

Frugal Travel Tips for Rome, Italy

The entire city of Rome is like an open-air museum with historic buildings, sites, squares, everywhere the frugal traveler looks. There are some sights that are well worth the admission, such as the Sistine Chapel (in Vatican City, a walled enclave within the city of Rome), but many of the must-see sights are absolutely free. […]

Treaty Oak in Austin

Treated oak is a southern live oak (quercus virginiana) located in Treaty Oak Park on Baylor St. between 5th and 6th in downtown. This historic tree is said to be over 500 years old. In 1927, our green piece of history was inducted into the American Forestry Hall of Fame. They said it was the […]

Five things you’re messing up in Team Building

There are a number of reasons why almost all organizations encourage teamwork. Research has shown that team building activities offer a good platform for companies to enhance high-impact learning, improve communication, boost employee morale, and improve overall productivity. Workers who embrace teamwork generally benefit from enjoying a sense of satisfaction in operating as a single […]

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