Monday Jan 17, 2022

Channel Vs Launchpad – Can I Win It?

Hindi rock is thriving as a result of a Channel V Launchpad reality show striving to find the next great Indian rock band that has the power and charisma to sing unique and original performances that can win over the judges and hearts of all. rock lovers. In India. The whole competition process is quite long and quite difficult as rock bands from all over India live to beat each other to be crowned the best rock band of the year. The competition started in 2005 and takes place at the Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai, where rock bands often perform to please a crowd of rock lovers.


The judges heard from prominent Indian musicians led by Vishal Dadlani, leader of the rock group Pentagram. The participating bands bring out their musical axes so that they can be the best and carry the torch of Hindi rock forward. Bands wishing to apply can find all the details on the Launchpad site where they must fill out a registration form. They are also required to upload an original composition of yours (“the best”, specifically mentioned on the site) and the file must not exceed 10 megabytes in size.


In addition to the original song, they should also submit a short bio, giving details of the band or a practice session that was previously recorded just so the band can make a better impression on the display panel. Bands can also submit artwork, the band logo, as well as the band’s image and also a list of achievements that would keep them in good stead. Entries that accumulate minute by minute are thoroughly reviewed and analyzed by an evaluation panel that is assigned the arduous task of selecting only those bands that are good and worthwhile. Thus, hours of scrutiny produces a handful of bands competing until a winner is chosen.

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