Wednesday Jan 19, 2022

Clear your room to attract your boyfriend: use feng shui in your bedroom to activate partner attraction

Single Western women over the age of 40 are now beginning to learn the ancient Asian secrets for activating the energy for attracting a husband and getting married that Asian cultures have been enjoying for centuries. feng shui for romance and love attraction secrets could be the difference between not dating on Saturday night and starting to attract men to you in the most comfortable and natural way possible. feng shui it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some starter tips to learn some easy key strategies you can implement this month to start inviting your boyfriend into your life for midlife marital bliss.

Invite romance with Where you put your bed:

If you have one side of your bed against the wall, you are cutting love with the placement of your bed. Move your bed away from the wall to metaphorically invite a partner to easily get in and out of your bed. While you’re at it, make sure the head of your bed is well supported. You want this part of your bed to press against a supporting wall again. Ideally, you want extra dreamy support by having a headboard attached to your bed. Once your bed allows for a partner, he can metaphorically feel invited into your life and is no longer squeezed.

Make some space for him to live there:

So many women have huge closets these days, and it seems that there is no room for clothes in their closet anymore. Well, if you want to attract a husband, then you should also make a place for him here. Clear space in your closet for a man to hang some of his clothes. While you clear out the closet space for him, also empty out half a drawer in his desk dresser.

Eliminate clutter from your living room:

Tidy up and de-clutter, clean and move things around in your living room so that when a drop-off appointment comes around, there’s room for him right here in your life. Make sure your home space is feminine, of course. However, you also want to have some masculine elements in this room. You want to bring just a little of the yang energy here. You can do this by having some pictures of men in your family or heroic male figures that you admire. Just make sure this room isn’t too luxurious that it’s off-putting for a guy to sit down and woo you on your couch.

Get started with just these few easy to implement feng shui for love and romance changes in your home, and watch the change in your love life this month!

Which Feng Shui tip is your favorite?

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