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Do you know what lives under your mobile home?

Do you know what’s under your mobile home? If you are lucky and your entire mobile home rests on a concrete slab, this does not concern you. But what if your mobile home is sitting on the ground or half on concrete and half on concrete? Keep reading.

What is living under your mobile home? Did you know that there is a whole animal kingdom living under your house?

Wild animals love to dig and tunnel underground by stopping under their mobile home to rest. They also like to dig from outside their home, jump inside, and get caught and die.


The answer is yes. The second year I lived in my mobile home I woke up one morning to the worst smell possible squeezing my senses. Although I had lived in my house for a year, I had never encountered this stench before.

I called a friend and he investigated and found a dead animal lying on the ground under the baseboard of my mobile home. He thought it was a possum. Fortunately, it was close to the side and I just had to reach out and retrieve it.

A few months later, I once again woke up to this wonderful scent of another dead animal under my mobile home.

I called the local pest control place and they sent a representative to remove the dead skunk. The man told me that he had recovered the dead skunk and the charge was $ 100.00 which I gladly paid to be able to live in my house and breathe.


That is not the end of this story. A week later, on Mother’s Day, I woke up once again to this horrible smell, this time 10 times worse. Of course, it was a weekend and a public holiday, so I couldn’t call the same company that had been out seven days ago.

I made several phone calls until I found a man who was willing to come to my vacation home and take out the skunk.

He was a wonderful man who immediately leaned in and entered the world of animal life and any habitat below my mobile home. He pulled out the dead skunk and called for me to see it. He had already explained about the other visit from the other company.


This is the same skunk that was supposed to have been killed seven days earlier. The man was either too lazy or thought he would perform some kind of scam if he was called in and paid twice to remove the same animal. All it did was spray some kind of chemical under my house to mask the smell.

He showed me the animal and I watched him put it inside his truck. He charged me $ 150.00 and left.


I received a phone call from this man about an hour later. He told me he was breaking my check because he felt like I had been scammed and he was scamming me a second time. taking payment.

I argued with him to please cash the check. I was grateful that she took her time and came to my house to help me.

In the end he broke the check. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Monday morning I called the Pest Control Company. I spoke with the lady in charge. He said the paperwork indicated that the animal had been left and not removed.

Now I ask you, why would I lie about something like this? Anyway, the bottom line is that I should have taken an extra step to make sure the animal was eliminated. Also, he had never received any paperwork from this representative of the company that allegedly took out the dead skunk.

All of this happened a couple of years ago when the area I lived in was full of fires. The animals were running for their lives and ended up dead under numerous mobile homes.

The city will send animal control to dead animals that are removed from city streets or highways, but do not enter private homes.

The reason I have written this story is so that you, the mobile home owner, know what is hidden under your mobile home.


Now that I have your attention, I would like to talk about something as a mobile home owner that is now crucial for all mobile home owners living in parks.

Our state legislatures are now reviewing the facts and fictions about mobile home parks.

We want our state legislatures that represent us to the voters to know what the facts are.

(1) Tear rent increases. Rent increases any amount or time. We are truly at the mercy of the park owners.

(2) We want to seal or freeze the rent.

(3) Many mobile home owners are now abandoning their homes and losing their money and their home.

(4) If you move out of your mobile home, you still have to pay rent for the space.

(5) We would like to have the option of being able to buy the park ourselves. Who better to run and manage our Mobile Home Park than the people who live in it.

Those are the problems and many more. Write, call, fax or email your representatives.

If you don’t know who they are, ask your Homeowners Association representatives.

Please do your part. I am a mobile home owner and I live in a mobile home park.

Feel free to consult any of my articles. I would love to hear from you.

Due to the note left in this article, I have now removed the information on using mothballs to keep animals away. Please never use mothballs except for your clothes. I am sorry I wrote this and I hope there was no illness from it.


Copyright 2006 Linda Meckler

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