Sunday Nov 28, 2021

Easy tricks for kids to exercise and love!

Physical activity is equally important for both children and adults if they want to lose or maintain weight. Most children spend more than 20 hours a week watching television, surfing the Internet, or playing video games, leaving no room for physical activity. And while it gives them the opportunity to do some physical activity, they often avoid it because it doesn’t pique their interest. So the best thing to do is include some of your favorite things in simple activities, and sooner rather than later, your kids will be getting off the couch. For example, your kids will get exercise and enjoy being active just by following a few of these tips!

  • Take the dog for a walk: Children love pets! A good way to turn this love of pets into a physical activity is to get them a dog. Before you give them the dog, make a deal with them that it is their responsibility to take it for a walk. You can add more fun to this activity by getting them a Frisbee, which will keep them involved in training the dog and burn calories in the meantime.
  • Add assignment: If your children want to earn their allowance. Then it is your best option to convert this income allowance into a physical activity. Give them some leeway to perform tasks that require physical labor, like mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or even a car wash! What persuades children is the result of the activity, and when the result is monetary or something tangible, they will surely love the activity and do it from time to time.
  • Lead by example: Children generally learn from their elders and try to relate to the older members of their family. So if you are a parent and are into fitness, your child will likely become a fitness conscious person too. What you could do is please them in their activities. Like when you go for a walk at night, take your child with you, and along the way you can both chat about stories from school or what happened during the day. It will make your parent-child bond grow and the kids will enjoy the hike.
  • Amusement parks and zoo: If you have an amusement park or even regular parks in your neighborhood, take your kids every night to play and socialize with kids their own age. This will give them the opportunity to be both socially and physically active. Plus, frequent trips to the zoo will definitely keep the kids moving!
  • Just dance: Turn on the music and shake your body! Dancing is one of the most fun and fascinating ways to burn calories. Get your kids to join you and make it a family dance, it doesn’t need to be any specific type of dance. Let the kids enjoy it! As long as they keep moving, their mission is being accomplished.

Children have very active minds, and this is the phase of life where you can turn them into TV addicts or fitness freaks. Parents can make a difference in how they can be. Remember that there are many other ways to keep your child active that are adapted to sports and leisure. So get creative and most of all, have fun!

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