Friday Oct 22, 2021

Fortnight with Covid-19

As a writer, it has been my greatest wish to have a few days of uninterrupted isolation preferably within the comforts available in my home. Perhaps this was due to the agonies of frequent disturbances that I had to face while absorbed in the creative process of writing an article, story, or book. When you are gathering and putting all your energies and focusing on a subject of your favorite creation, any disturbance hurts a lot. You only need undisturbed isolation to finish an article / poem / story or novel that is cooking in your mind. You don’t want anything between you and your train of thought except your pencil / paper or laptop. But other people, especially your close and loved ones, do not understand / value all this. They will keep bothering you for trivial things. And the paradox is that they think they are doing this just for your sake.

My deepest wish was fulfilled a few days ago when I tested positive for covid-19 and had to stay home in quarantine for 14 days. It happened “word for word” in the same way that I had written it in my mind. I was in my room and there was absolutely no disturbance except food or drinks etc. that my wife kept periodically at a table outside my room.

But I couldn’t use this dream situation to my intended advantage. There was a very subtle difference. Although the situation was in accordance with the description of a dream situation, there was still a world of difference. It was similar to the difference between enjoying sex and being raped. It was the difference between being a prisoner and prison staff or being a patient and a doctor. The environment is the same for both, but their “state of mind” is totally opposite.

The situation was imposed on me. The critical element of my “free will” was missing. Therefore, despite the fact that there was no disturbance and all the time available during these two weeks of isolation, I could not write anything. Not even my minimal ritual of writing at least two pages that I was doing despite all my business over the years.

But I am a staunch writer and therefore, to justify this moment, I have created this article from my experience. I hope you like to read this work.

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