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Ghosts and wandering souls: how do they invade and possess the body?

What are wandering souls? They are astral beings who are chained to the earth due to their attachments and strong material urges wanting to return to physical form and wander through the ether to satisfy their need for sensory pleasures. The spiritual master tells us that these beings are mostly harmless ghosts and have no power to affect the average person. Occasionally, wandering souls take possession of someone’s mind and body, but only of people who frequently keep their mind in a blank, thoughtless state for long periods of time. These people have weakened their minds and become vulnerable and mentally unstable due to karmic attraction and mental emptiness and unconsciously invite wandering spirits into their bodies. If one unknowingly leaves their car unlocked and with the keys in, any rude and rude person could come in and drive away. Wandering souls who have lost their own physical forms lurk in these abandoned transports.

There are some wandering souls who on earth were criminals, thieves, murderers, drunkards and particularly treacherous, vicious and licentious beings. And those individuals who have left their bodies in a state of sin, such as those who foolishly and ruthlessly committed suicide, are considered tainted souls in the astral spheres. Imprisoned in their astral bodies, they mourn the loss of their earthly life and find no rest and therefore must roam the lower astral planes mourning the loss of their physical incarnation or hating being reborn. These pitiful souls have to roam the ether until they have exhausted the karmic effects of their evil deeds. There are people possessed by evil who caused nothing but trouble in this world and, as evil-obsessed spirits, they continue to do harm on the astral plane and on the physical plane as astral wandering souls. These wandering souls seek out people with karmic similarities and are drawn to their negative thoughts.

When an evil person sheds his mortal body and passes through the door of death into the afterlife, he is still evil and does not become an angel. Only those who have been angelic on earth by crossing the abyss of death can enter the higher environment of Heaven. As birds live in the air, worms live on land, and fish live in water, angels reside in the finest vibratory atmospheres in various regions of the astral universe according to their merits of their pre-astral life in the Earth. Similarly, fish cannot continue to live outside their watery environment, unclean spirits or rammed souls have to stay on the grosser astral planets. The finest spirits live on the higher luminous planets; if wandering souls dared to move into those higher regions, they would be instantly ‘astral-occupied’ or impacted by a higher voltage of astral power.

Some people cry when they have a bad dream. In the same way, during the death sleep, unclean spirits and wandering souls roam the ether howling for relief, frequently trying to transport some bodily submissive in which to communicate their repressed wickedness and agony. People with strong willpower, spiritual vibrations, and brains busy with intelligent thinking should never worry, as their minds can never be infested. Evil souls can never enter the minds of spiritually advanced people. The teacher warns us that this is the reason why one should never leave the mind blank or be negative and never be fooled or open to the messages of the so-called mediums or Ouija boards coming from disembodied souls, as this could be represented to itself as an ideal opportunity. for the possession of the lowest type of wandering spirits who seek expression and experience in human transports. The thought of evil spirits or demons occupying thoughtless and thoughtless people should not be considered or dismissed as superstition; a powerful personality closes the invasion with a fully occupied mind.

Similarly, those who practice the scientific methods of yoga meditation and prayer should never fear such beings, because if their thoughts are on God, no harm can come from evil spirits. Remember that when one is in meditation with God, one can be completely convinced that the body will be fully charged with the cosmic energy emanating from the high voltage thoughts of God and that one will be protected from lower astral transgressors. There is a clear distinction between the state of a person acting under the power of being possessed by an impure demon or wandering soul and that of someone acting under a subconscious obsession, idea, or autosuggestion.

When you encounter something real, real possession consists in the presence in someone’s body of a spirit that has detached itself from its own physical form and in its astral body totally or partially incapacitates the coherent faculties or common sense of the possessed person. Only in the condition of a mother with a child can a human body accommodate an additional being in addition to itself. However, expert metaphysicians are capable of differentiating real cases of spiritual possession with metaphysical powers and capable of detecting the invisible astral form of the visitor together with the astral body of the possessed. For the layman, it is a different story. The only way to conclude a genuine case of spiritual possession is by evaluating the many states of spasms and scandalous behavior to which a possessed person is subjected. The true signs of a person possessed by an evil spirit are a lack of natural behavior, bloodshot eyes, unusual physical strength, and strange expressions. In actual cases of spiritual possession, bestial irrationality has been described and shown in some exorcisms. With the attraction of his own sinful vibrations, like attracts like, a man can attract an evil spirit to himself. An evil and unclean spirit can keep the mind of a possessed person in a state of neutrality, sub-hypnosis and suspension, so that the mechanism of the consciousness, the senses, the body and the brain of the victim can be controlled without intervention. The possessed man may or may not be conscious within his evil-controlled body just as a person who is semi-conscious under the hypnosis state may show the dream state. If the possession of disembodied souls or unclean demons persists for too long, great damage is done to the sense organs and mind of the possessed person, causing a real threat of insanity in the long run.

Dislodging and removing an unclean spirit from someone’s brain requires powerful divine willpower and concentration. If the healer has dynamic spirit power, he can drive out the entity using silent willpower and continually gazing into the eyes of the afflicted person, inwardly ordering the unclean intruder to leave. If the will of the healer is stronger than the evil spirits, the evil entity will leave. By repeating the sound of ‘Aum’ and whispering it into the right ear of the injured person, the unclean spirit will surely leave. These wandering souls who are from the dark lower astral regions cannot tolerate the spiritual thoughts and higher vibrations of the pronunciation of sacred words, particularly Aum, Aum repeatedly whispered in the right ear. Usually this generates a quick and terrified response from the spirit “don’t say that holy word; I’ll go”, and this identifies spiritual possession. However, there are some devil spirits who are unwilling to leave and will not obey the order to leave and will fight the holy vibration. The master recounts a case in which the powerful vibration of Aum was used to shake and dislodge an intruding spirit, but this only created convulsions in the tormented man when finally the impure entity violently came out of the man’s body leaving him trembling and flabby, but not damaged due to divine intervention. Those people who witnessed the removal of the evil spirit marveled at the supreme authority by which the demon spirit was forced to obey.

Normal-minded healthy people need not worry about the annoyance of evil spirits, ghostly wandering souls, or demonic possession, as they are immune to their evil. The spiritual master Paramahansa Yogananda speaks of a much greater danger to well-being that exists around and within each person. Good and evil fight for divine supremacy. There is a force that tries to harm us and another that tries to save us. We are all caught in the middle of this cataclysmic battle between Satan and God. It is wise not to reject this complex warfare by rationalizing that Satan is nothing more than a hoax. Always remember that the environment is stronger than willpower. Be careful who you interact with at all times. Exact information about the astral world is explained in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramanhansa Yogananda, a spiritual classic.

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