Monday Jan 17, 2022

Hiring Marketing Superstars Team Up With Sophisticated Job Seekers

Have no doubt in your mind, there is a new type of job seeker emerging on the global talent spectrum today. True, the days are gone where you could post a job and be 100% guaranteed to have tons of amazing resumes from the best and brightest candidates.

Nowadays, candidates search for jobs online, in the same way, they research where to eat out or which hotel to stay in.

Sophisticated job seekers want an inside look at their organization. They want to commit to their employer’s brand even before applying for a job at your company. Transparency is key. Companies must now be transparent about who they are and seek to implement smart recruiting marketing strategies to attract talent and keep them away from the competition.

Now is the time to mark or be a brand. If your company isn’t bothering to improve hiring practices for high-tech job applicants, you may be communicating with one or more of the following unfavorable messages.

  • This is a mundane and very sad place to work.
  • Our technical savoir-faire is not cutting edge and even lacks the skills to get us there.
  • Our lack of transparency means that we are not open and honest.

So, start taking control of expressing your powerful brand messages to transform a nonexistent or poor reputation and start winning the war for talent.

But where do you start? There are recruiting marketing agencies and tools that can help you create a marketing plan; develop a budget and timetable; employ inbound marketing and social contracting strategies; Go mobile and take advantage of talent analytics to recruit and hire the right candidates for your organization.

Don’t neglect local marketing for candidates. Consider sharing open positions with local news networks, which sometimes advertise local companies that are hiring. For marketing ideas, billboards and road signs aren’t off limits either – get creative with how you advertise you’re hiring.

Now is the time to Market your employer’s brand in the same way that you do with your company’s products and services. Hiring marketing is a never-ending action that should be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. You have to always be attractive, attractive and enriching. You can certainly join forces with marketing, but they shouldn’t own it. Talent acquisition must be owned and managed.

It’s time to stop thinking like an HR person and start thinking like a marketer. Get to know your audience and start attracting more interested candidates to your pipeline.

So dive in and become a hiring marketing superstar and attract the elegant high-level job seeker. Happy hiring and don’t forget to ask the marketing team and company employees for help.


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