Monday Jan 17, 2022

Honda Accord generations

When I think of cars, I usually imagine a particular make, model and year. for example, the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California SWB Spyder that sold on May 18, 2008 for a record $ 10,994,400 at RM auctions. Or how about the 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, with 638 horsepower at a price of $ 103,000, which may be the best value sports car in the world. Or even the new 2009 Mini John Cooper Works, which might be the most fun you can have for $ 29,200.

However, when we think of cars like the Accord, a specific model and year don’t come to mind as much as what generation it is. That’s right, isn’t it the particular year of an Agreement? We think of a particular group of years for changes to the Agreement, and not the specific year.

As you may know, 1976 was the first year of the Agreement and, appropriately, this was the beginning of the first group, which lasted until 1981. 2008 introduced the eighth group. Woof! Eight generations of cars in 32 years or, on average, a major new model change every four years. This could be until 2012 when we see the ninth group.

So what is significant about each block of years?

First (1976-1981). An Accord three-door hatchback with 68 brake horsepower and finishing with a three-speed automatic or a five-speed manual.

Second (1981-1985) Honda opened its first American Accord manufacturing plant in Marysville, Ohio. The last of this generation was the Special Edition, SE-1 with a 110 bph fuel injected engine.

Third (1986-1989). This year it started with a new body design that resembled the Prelude. The final model now had 120 horsepower, and the coupe was the first model to be produced in the United States and exported to Japan.

Fourth (1990-1993). As you can see, each time period is getting shorter. On this block, the car was bigger and heavier and resembled the Accura Legend. Power was up to 140 horsepower and the first Accord wagon was introduced towards the end of the generation.

Fifth (1994-1997). The car increased in width, but shrunk in length. During this time period in 1995 the first V6 engine was introduced.

Sixth (1998-2002). The American model in this group of cars was now only available in sedans and coupes. Many more Accord models were available in both Japan and Europe.

Seventh (2003-2007). The American models grew again in size and in 2004 the first hybrid model was introduced.

Eighth (2008-present) The last generation of Accords abandoned hybrid models, relegating them to smaller models. The size was increased again by 4 inches in length and 3 inches in width for American models.

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