Monday Jan 17, 2022

How to keep your naughty dog ​​away from your flower beds

Dogs are man’s best friend and great company. They are fun and adorable, but they can also be a headache. When they’re not busy chasing the postman or squirrels, they dig in the garden and destroy prized flower and plant beds. They don’t even feel guilty about it. Instead, they look at you with their big puppy dog ​​eyes and expect to be praised. Here’s how to keep your mischievous puppy out of your yard:

1. Address the real problem

Your canine friend may be digging holes for a number of reasons. It could be a way to beat the heat, deal with boredom, or find rodents. Larger dog breeds, like the husky, make the holes for them to lie in. Others just want to hide their food. Watch your dog’s behavior and you may not need the following steps.

2. Build a fence

You can always install a low fence. Even if it is small, it can be a visual barrier for your dog. You can keep your flower beds safe from canine forays. Sometimes it is necessary to build a taller fence because some breeds love to jump and can jump over your yard fences. Be sure to check monthly for holes under the fence. Your four-legged friend may have dug an escape route and found his way to his precious petunias.

3. Balloons

This may seem a bit drastic, but it is proven and it works. Blow up balloons and bury them where your dog likes to dig in the garden. When the canine hits the balloon, it will explode just below its nose. The impact it will receive will be great enough to keep it out of the garden for a long time.

4. Create a moat

Consider your flower beds as your castle and the dog as an invader. How do you protect castles? With moat. Well, you don’t need to make a ditch and fill it with water and crocodiles. Instead, you can use pineapples. Spread them around your flower beds. They will be really uncomfortable for your four-legged friend and will keep him away forever.

5. Dig a hole for your dog

Some dogs love to dig no matter what. They always find their way to their flower beds and dig holes until they fall. Here’s how to keep your plants safe and your dog happy at the same time. Make a digging pit for your pet. I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a clean patch of soil in your garden. The canine can dig there and enjoy his hobby.

6. Strategic pruning

If you have rose bushes, you can use them to protect the flower beds in your garden. Some gardeners shared this great idea. When you prune your roses, don’t throw away the branches. You can use their thorns. Spread them out on the ground around your flower beds. Your dog will not dare to step on them. Just make sure your bushes are not infected with a disease, or it may infect your other plants.

7. Add some spices

Dogs don’t like spicy and spicy things. They are not big fans of the red pepper. You can take advantage of this and mix equal parts with mustard powder and chilled. Sprinkle it on your garden beds. When your pet tries to dig, his nose will burn from the spices. Remember to do it again if it rains.

8. The place sucks

That’s right, you have to make it stinky. Like humans, dogs don’t like the strong smell of ammonia. You can make a stink bomb out of it. Just pour it into coffee filters and place them in strategic locations around your flowers. The next time your pet tries to dig around them, he will run off with his tail between his legs.

9. Supervision

Don’t let your dog be alone in the garden. Go out with him and supervise. If you try to dig in your flower beds, you can stop it. You can arm yourself with a spray bottle with cold water. Every time your pet decides to enter the garden beds, you will spray it and say “No!” This is a proven method and you can use it to train your dog.

10. Play with your dog

That’s how it is. This is the best and easiest advice you can get from any gardening expert. You can play with your pet and exhaust him. Running, throwing balls, you know, all those things dog owners do to amuse their canine friends. If your dog gets enough exercise and stimulation, he will be too tired to do archaeological digs in your backyard. Keep him busy and your flower beds will thank him. Exhausted dog, happy flowers!

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