Saturday Aug 13, 2022

HP TouchPad: Top 7 Benefits You Can Get

The HP TouchPad, which is designed to function like humans, has been released by Hewlett-Packard (HP). You can enable people to easily connect, communicate, share and collaborate. Reading HP TouchPad review can help people make a decision before buying. A TouchPad is an entertainment device that allows people to immerse themselves in the action of the game. They can also transfer their favorite songs from their personal collection. The device is the first webOS tablet to deliver an amazing Internet experience because it was developed primarily for mobile output.

The main advantages of the HP TouchPad

  1. WebOs 3.0 works with the 9.7-inch HP TouchPad. It is powered by a dual-core Snapdragon processor with a frequency of 1.2GHz and 16GB storage priced at £399 or 32GB priced at £479. These features provide users with great speed and ease. for multitasking.

  2. You also get built-in Adobe Flash support, stereo speakers with Beats Audio technology, wireless charging via HP’s Touchstone technology, and a standard Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector used for charging or connecting to your computer.

  3. It is easy to use because the physical attributes of the device are based on the standard specifications of the iPad, which is adopted in the tablet industry. The 9.7-inch screen is multi-touch and has a resolution of 1024 x 768. A 1.3 MP front-facing camera is installed on top of it. The TouchPad never has a rear camera.

  4. There is a small Home button below the screen that is oblong in shape and has a little light on it. The light stays on while the device is in use or flashes when a notification is waiting.

  5. A volume control is noticeable on the right side of the device. A 3.5mm headphone jack sits on the top of the device, while the dual-purpose lock key serves as the on/off button.

  6. There are no buttons on the left side of the HP TouchPad, however the speakers are installed there so that users can hold the device in a horizontal position while using it. A micro USB port is installed at the bottom of the device.

  7. Although the back cover of the HP TouchPad is made of plastic, it is still of excellent quality. Rounded edges make the device easier to hold.

The disadvantages of the HP TouchPad

  1. If you touched the volume control, you have rattles. It contains some pretty sharp speaker grill holes. The device’s shiny plastic is easily oiled and covered with fingerprints, making it more difficult and slippery to hold.

  2. It is difficult to see the screen under direct lighting. However, a cleaning cloth is included in the box for immediate cleaning. Users should always carry it.

  3. The device weighing 740g is heavier compared to iPad2 but it is 50% thicker at 13.7mm which is better.

The device is a tool for communication as well as inspiring creativity and interaction with specifications that seem well proportioned to the unit. While some people might take a wait-and-see attitude, despite the glitz and glamor the device promises, the HP TouchPad’s rating will always be approving.

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