Saturday Aug 13, 2022

Internet and its growth: losing our identity

When did words spoken to another person become so technology-based that sending and receiving email was more important than a meeting or even a simple phone call? Texting also introduced a new short language to our world while impacting the importance of learning and mastering the language of any country, just saying “IWCU” because I’ll see you.

I have met about 200 people over the last 5 years and asked them how they felt about all this change and how it has positively changed their lives. The response I was expecting was “great”, the responses I received were not that good.

“I have lost my 12-year-old son to video games,” many mothers and fathers said.

“I don’t want televisions in nursery classrooms because it sends wrong signals to parents!” declared a teacher.

“My husband is no longer interested in me because he logs on to internet sites that look better than me for hours!” several women declared.

“I found photos of my 17-year-old daughter at adult parties, online,” said one parent. I had no idea that she was participating in any of this! “.

“Why keep going to school? I can find everything I need on the Internet!” many high school children declared.

“It’s easier to get online than in person,” many men and women said.

Where is all this heading as a people? It seems obvious. Socially it seems that we are deteriorating. Scholastically we are in decline and emotionally more distant and distracted. I have a theory that the number of ADD cases, increasing by the way, is not actual ADD cases at all, but the residual effect of media-induced distraction causing an inability to concentrate. We have become overstimulated and are losing control of our ability to organize and manage our media input and its effect on our well-being.

Think about this for a minute and take the idea back in your day as a simple self-test, writing short notes every day, for the next 10 days to see if your life is more controlled by the media and the Internet or by your thoughts and thoughts not. rich in media. needs. I think you will be surprised by what you find out.

We are becoming, and many already are, addicted to rich media and internet needs to such an extent that other people have become less socially important in our personal and work lives. Person-to-person interaction is becoming more tense and uncomfortable as we continue to distance ourselves from true interactions and allow the internet and television media to become replacements for parents, friends, religion, health, work, aspirations, and lovers.

Take the test and write to me about what you’ve discovered so that together we can consider how to regain the control we’ve lost.

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