Monday Jan 17, 2022

Law of attraction: what is vibrational relativity?

Many teachers of the law of attraction speak of vibrational relativity; however, they often do not explain what they mean by this term. So this article seeks to quickly explain this term to you.

So, simply put, what is vibrational relativity?

Vibrational relativity are some concepts that are misleading because they work together. So, pay attention to the context to see which one the particular teacher is referring to.

In the most basic sense, vibratory relativity is relativity, the lack of absolute standards, of vibration. In other words, vibrational relativity is the ability to (in a universal sense; in other words, that you are capable of) feeling any emotion, from despair to joy.

It is also the other side of the coin: because you have this freedom, you can choose to feel any emotion, from despair to joy, regardless of the situation and the universe will give you more. You can always take this to a negative place, as many people do; however, it is possible to take any situation and make it positive.

For example, Nelson Mandela told Tony Robbins that he did not suffer in jail: he prepared to lead his people. Either he would be assassinated and become a martyr (sparking a revolution) or he would eventually be released and take his place as leader in South Africa. Regardless, he would get his wish: the South African government would change for the better. He chose to see his situation as another step towards his goal, not as an obstacle for him; he did not suffer, he found out. And once out of jail, he worked happily with the people who imprisoned him.

Although at first it may seem that this is a distant example from your life, it is not. We all spend too much time in our lives suffering. And if someone can turn years in prison into a positive, and even a step towards their goal, it is possible to turn almost anything (if not everything!) Into a positive. That being the case, we no longer have an excuse to suffer from simple things like the tedium of commuting or housework: it has to be turned into something positive. We are no longer locked in a prison of boredom: every moment is an opportunity to improve.

For example, while doing “nonsensical activities” such as cooking, cleaning, moving around, playing simple video games, walking, doing nothing, and so on. I also do useful mental tasks: learning or thinking. Both uses of time have been of great help to me as I learn something interesting or useful for one of my goals or reflect on things that I need to think about as new sources of traffic for my business, but without wasting my business time thinking on it (keeping more time out of my business to take action!).

And what about you? What do you waste your time doing? Could you listen to audio shows while doing this?

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