Wednesday Jan 19, 2022

Legal Jobs: Top 10 Legal Job Opportunities

With the invention of new career paths and the development of new laws to support them, there has been a sudden increase in the number of legal job opportunities across the country. Naturally, legal jobs have become one of the hottest and most sought after jobs on the scene today. Well paid and with a higher level of satisfaction, these new legal jobs are being taken advantage of by the freshest and the experienced ones too!

Here’s a look at the top 10 legal jobs that are currently among the hottest jobs in the US.

1. Lawyer jobs: Lawyers have never been as busy as they are now! Opportunities as attorneys have increased so much and so suddenly that there is currently a severe shortage of qualified attorneys in the country.

2. Paralegal jobs: If anything can come close to a real lawyer job it is a paralegal job. Understandably, the work of a real attorney is cut down when expert paralegals enter the scene. Today, good paralegal consultants can earn even more than the average attorney. Some former attorneys have also turned to paralegal jobs considering the high salary and less work.

3. Legal Clerks / Assistants – Some may mistake them for paralegal experts, but they actually play the role of a second fiddle for attorneys / attorneys. Depending on their years of experience and knowledge, they can be paid very well. Today’s industry estimates their median salary to be around $ 50,000 per year!

4. Lawyer jobs: Lawyer jobs have always attracted people and it is these legal eagles who do most of the work on paper and in the field as lawyers fight cases in court! In some cases, attorneys earn more than even the best attorneys in the country!

5. Law Student Jobs: Studying Law? Then receiving training (s) as law interns can give you a great idea of ​​what is really going on in the field. If you can find an internship with a good company, your career will fly for sure!

6. Real Estate Lawyers: Infrastructure development is constantly growing and this has resulted in a new generation of lawyers called Real Estate Lawyers who at the end of the day make a lot of money! The average income for a beginner can range from a healthy $ 60,000 per year!

7. Corporate Lawyers: Bankruptcy, Acquisitions and Mergers – If these terms interest you, you may find a good job as a corporate lawyer!

8. Medical Attorneys: The healthcare industry continues to grow, but not as fast as it once did. Despite the slow growth, the pay package is quite fat!

9. Investigative Lawyers – From Investigation to Protecting Intellectual Property Rights, the work of an Investigative Lawyer is far more interesting than most of the other legal jobs on the list!

10. Celebrity Attorneys – From celebrity divorces to suing the media, celebrity attorneys are one of the most spoiled. They often make large amounts of money, but still find a place at the bottom of this list because the number of openings is less.

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