Friday Oct 22, 2021

Modified yoga foot stretches to prevent pain

After many hours of standing and working; feet feel pressed, sore, and tight. Even after long hours; many do not take much care of their feet and often neglect them. The feet are really very important for balance, agility, stability and grip. The feet are essential to discharge emotions. The toes are also important for balance. Modified yoga stretches improve the flexibility of the toes, soles and strengthen the arch of the foot and the balls of the feet and alleviate heel challenges such as heel spurs.

General foot stretching relieves foot pain and cramps caused by tight, hard shoes or boots. Do all the exercises described in bare feet. The toes are meant to be mobile. If your toes are locked and you can’t separate them, we need to change that. Our first stretch to start on the toes. Spread your toes, as wide open as possible for a few seconds, and release. Another great stretch for the toe and foot is to try grabbing, grabbing a sock with your toes. Pick up the sock with your toes only. Push it down into the ground and push it forward with your toes. Release it and pull it towards you by squeezing your toes.

Imagine that you can play the piano with your feet and try to move your toes one by one. From the big toe to the little finger. Do this for both sides. Stretch out your right foot, pinch your toes, and then point your foot down. Release and bring your foot back up. Repeat. If you feel a cramp, immediately release and massage your foot.

If you are sitting with your foot on your leg, this is an easier way to massage your feet. Massaging the foot is also a great release and manipulating the toes during foot massage, including the big toe if it feels blocked. In the massage, to work your arch, grasp your toes and bend them towards the top of the foot. That exposes your arch ligaments, which you can massage with your other hand. Many people find it very painful. But if you constantly stretch and massage your feet, you won’t feel as sore.

If you stand up, place your left foot forward and your right foot slightly behind you. You want your back leg to be super bent for the pose. At first you are only working with the back foot. Put the top of your foot and toes on the floor, this stretches the top of the foot, and then put the ball and toes down (the foot is still slightly behind the left), this stretch the sole of the foot. Alternate, top to bottom, toe down. Add this to it. When the top of your foot is down, you will straighten your leg and body toward the ceiling. This will definitely stretch your foot. Now switch your feet so that the right is in front. Bring the left behind you and work on the left. Left top and toes down, and the ball and toes down.

If you are standing, squat down so that you can put your hands on the ground in front of your feet or slightly to the sides. In this squat, your knees will be in front of you. Roll forward to the ball of the feet and palms. Then slowly begin to lower your knees in front of you, as if you are going to kneel, but do not place them on the floor. Bring your knees to the ground and when you come out turn on your heels. You will sink your glutes to stretch your calves, Achilles tendon, and heels. Roll forward and almost bring your knees down, and then roll back onto your heels. Not only will it stretch the length of your feet, but it will strengthen your legs. If the squat is too much for you, don’t lower yourself so low. You can do it with your hips much higher, lower what you can. Adding foot care to your routine will release stress and make you feel much happier and freer.

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