Monday Jan 17, 2022

Natural Drawing: 10 Dos and Don’ts When Drawing a Nude Model


1 – Arrive early

Due to the popularity of natural drawing classes (I can’t imagine what for), even large classrooms can easily fill up. Nobody cares if the bum is late, climbs everyone’s trestles and elbows people in the face. Being late won’t make you popular. It’s also embarrassing for all concerned when you start to borrow a knife to sharpen your pencils or tape to stick the paper to your board. Yes, make sure you have all that talk and stolen footage before the model even strips naked.

2 – Draw the whole model

Although this is not a problem for the serious artist, when I attended art school it was surprising how many people chose to remove areas of the model’s naked body or to focus too much on a specific ‘region’. Unless it’s your raison d’ĂȘtre and your master plan to take over the world, your masterpiece probably won’t do well to make a little squiggle or a big close-up of the model’s breasts (or whatever your favorite part is) . It will seem amateurish and a bit silly. Another good tip to impress the tutor is to start drawing your drawing from the inside out rather than just focusing on the outline of the body. Although Picasso got away with his stunning nudes, Van Gogh’s ‘crazy marks everywhere’ approach is more artistically appealing.

4 – Draw negative spaces

A good way to convince everyone that you are not just there to act deviant and misbehave, and most importantly, learn something about drawing, is to focus on drawing the spaces between the figure. It doesn’t sound very fun, does it? However, it often happens that by filling in the background as much as the figure itself, an impressive drawing can be achieved, especially if you draw a silhouette of the figure, perhaps basking in the shadows while the daylight fades in. the room. Another reason to draw in this style is because a nude is much more attractive and atmospheric when body details are suggested rather than depicted in full, glowing detail. Sometimes this also has the double benefit of making your drawing easier to do. Why make it difficult for yourself? Hit everyone with this nifty trick.

3 – Remember that drawing a nude figure is the same as any other drawing

It sounds obvious, but some people get carried away by the fact that they are drawing a naked human being. Keep it real. Artists have focused on using the nude as a subject for centuries and not all have slept with their models. You are unlikely to be liked if an unhealthy stalker-like fixation forms on the model. Also, if you join a class that lasts a full semester, the actual model will likely change and you will never know who will show up. It will get very suspicious if you suddenly disappear when the 70-year-old bearded man makes his appearance, but you start hanging around for years before class when there are rumors that the 25-year-old naked Swedish girl is “ in ” this week.

5 – Pay attention to foreshortening

If you look at any object from different angles, it has a different eclipse. The naked human figure is no different. You are trying to create the illusion of depth, which is not an easy task. Foreshortening is pretty close to perspective and can be used as an excuse to show off, for the well-trained and talented, or a very easy way to show off your shortcomings (and maybe give you away as a voyeuristic intruder). Just keep the faith and move around the room, taking advantage of the versatility you can get by drawing multiple poses. In no time you’ll be as good as a pompous Renaissance artist.


1 – Don’t dictate the flow of the class

Some novice life draftsmen are surprised when the tutor suddenly becomes hyperactive and begins ordering the class to perform quick ‘familiarization exercises’ such as lightning-fast charcoal sketches and frustrating fifteen-minute poses in the hands. the model is told to change pose. when it is just beginning. It is outrageous to vent your frustration in such a situation and you may even risk being kicked out of class for being a troublemaker.

2 – Don’t forget to use the ‘thumb and pencil method’ when drawing the face

Although you may feel a bit self-conscious standing there with your arm outstretched, the thumb and pencil method is a surefire way to make sure everything is balanced. Be aware of seemingly irrelevant facts such as how many human heads can fit on the naked human body and how you can align your pencil with the top of the model’s head and slide your finger down to the chin. This is a basic unit of measure that you can use to calculate the rest of the body proportions.

3 – Don’t be afraid to draw yourself

When not in class, enthusiasts can use whatever free time they have to keep up the good work. All you need is a mirror to draw yourself. The daring ones can bring their work to class next week or you can keep your sketches in an old drawer. Really do not care. The point is that you are developing as a figurative artist. Many famous artists such as Van Gogh and Rembrant have used their own bodies, or at least their faces, in their paintings. A good exercise is to look at some old photos and choose a few where you find yourself in a situation that brings back positive memories. Start blocking the background of the photo in your drawing or painting and at the same time use a mirror to draw yourself in the present moment. The cheerful associations of the photo will affirm everything that is optimistic about you and art in general.

4. Don’t underestimate online virtual figure drawing galleries

There are many portals on the Internet where models, like, pose wearing full frontal nudity in the name of art. Some sites are made up of glamorous models as well as artist models, but you can generally find a good variety of shapes, forms, and shapes. Pick someone you are interested in and draw repeatedly for several weeks and then move on to another model. Some 3D computer artists post their animated models online, allowing you to rotate the body of the model in three dimensions. This can be particularly helpful when learning how to foreshorten and how to draw precise proportions.

5. Don’t date the model

Although it may be okay to date the tutor if you are a part-time teacher, it is a no-no on the model. Some classes are held in coffee shops and bars after class, but it is unusual for the model to attend. Fully liberated models can send conflicting signals surrounding the class during breaks without putting the gown back on. If you are faced with the naked, big-breasted Swedish exchange student who complements your drawing as she smiles at you in the afternoon sunlight, try to see that as enough without also asking her to join you on a dinner date.

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