Monday Jan 17, 2022

Powerful Advantages of Outsourcing Marketing Copy for Nutraceuticals

Blog posts are simple information happy.

Research by Harvard University professor Dr. Gerald Zaltman reveals that emotion-driven content is even better at driving sales. More than 9 out of 10 purchases are based on it.

Pushing emotional buttons means happy persuasion.

Using both approaches creates double impact for effective marketing.

This presents a conundrum for marketing departments. Solving it is particularly challenging for supplement companies.

The problem with double-whammy marketing is the demand for two types of writers: 1) information content experts (ie scientists); and 2) expert writers for persuasive content (ie copywriters).

If hiring one of each seems expensive … well, it is.

Financially, finding a two-for-one writer would be more careful.

Unfortunately, in-house writers often lack the skill for one type of writing or another.

This is where outsourcing makes the most sense.

Being profitable is, of course, the key to a better ROI.

That is an important benefit. However, it is not the only one.


My experience as a “two-fer” outsourcer is a good example.

At one point, I was writing for a supplement company that specialized in probiotics.

For your informational content, I wrote an e-book as a giveaway to improve customer retention. He explained the basics about probiotics, accompanied by scientific validation.

It also included a personal story about my 20-year battle with ulcerative colitis. I described how probiotics played (and still play) a crucial role in my own gut health.

The persuasion piece was a magic book on the health benefits of their products. It was about 10 pages long. Each issue contained numerous personal success stories from people using their products. She cared for people with digestive problems: irritable bowel syndrome, gas, ulcerative colitis, etc.

The company’s valuation more than tripled in a period of approximately 10 years.

Although they did many things well, their information content and persuasive content were a large part of their success.


Ultimately, a better ROI is the main advantage.

Many other benefits were increased by outsourcing content creation.

You will have more time to work on other marketing strategies.

Hiring an expert who is also an expert writer ensures higher quality content for information and persuasion.

Outsourcing is more flexible. It allows you to scale when necessary as your business grows.

It can be very beneficial to have fresh ideas. An outside writer brings in new talents and ideas to express concepts that you may not have considered.

Part of the beauty of outsourcing is how fast and efficient it is compared to doing everything yourself.

You can experiment and test the effectiveness of different types of marketing texts, both online and offline.

A good copywriter / content writer is already analytical and creative. These attributes are invaluable when you need someone to work with who can make sure your content marketing strategies align with your business goals.


The ideal candidate is someone with a background in scientific research and experience in a wide variety of writing styles.

With regard to the latter, I mean more than just writing for supplement marketing.

In my case, for example, I have also published articles in scientific journals based on my own laboratory research. I have also written several e-books on alternative health.

And, in the unlikely event that you need a college-level textbook author, I’m your man too.

All this background experience just means that I can communicate with many different types of audiences.


All of the marketing advantages that I have presented here come down to one action on your part: outsource your marketing copy to an expert who can write persuasive copy.

It’s as simple as that.

Seeing what that entails can be summarized in three easy steps.

1) Find the type of combo copywriter you need to market your supplements.

2) Conduct a real voice-to-voice interview to get an idea of ​​how the writer fits into your company. (Yes, personality matters here).

3) Negotiate a fair contract and get the project going.

If you really want to simplify your task, you can skip Step # 1. Instead, consider me the writer you need. You already know a little about me. Talking to me (step 2) will give you an even better idea of ​​how I can help you.

Go ahead, contact me today.

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