Monday Jan 17, 2022

Product photography in the digital age

The Internet has created a whole new style when it comes to product photography. We have all seen internet stores that have floating items with white backgrounds. Now if you are not a photographer, you might think that you can achieve this look without the help of Photoshop, but you are wrong. Most of the product shots you see online that have a white background have been removed in Photoshop giving the illusion that they were photographed that way. The biggest problem with this type of photography is that it uses all the soft light and gives the image a flat, very low-contrast look. So that? So can you easily turn it white in Photoshop? Only if you want to sacrifice image quality!

There are hundreds of websites that sell cheap products that tell people that you can get professional-looking photos on a very low budget. So people are trying to imitate this white background for their internet store. Whether it’s for an internet retail store, selling on eBay and other auction websites. The biggest product being pushed is light boxes / tents. These started showing up on eBay quite some time ago. Especially since all the “Sell on eBay” books told people that a good photo would increase their sales. And hey, the photography industry decided to capitalize on this cheap, “anyone can do it” mentality.

The bad news is that this cheap equipment, and “anyone can do it” style, has branched out into the mainstream and big name companies are selling these soft boxes or tent boxes as a professional setup. Know that this is not a professional setup for filming products. It might work if you are selling on eBay, but the quality of the lighting that comes from these tent boxes is poor. They usually don’t even come with real strobe light, just a hot light that is placed on the right and left side of the store.

If you want something professional, throw out that $ 100 tent box you bought on eBay, and more importantly, throw away those pesky hot lights.

If you are a small business owner, the way you stand out from the competition is to be different. So instead of posting bad photos that have a boring white background, how about adding some colored backgrounds or some texture to grab the viewer’s attention?

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