Monday Jun 27, 2022

Sex with an older woman – mature women have such unpleasant thoughts

If you’re ever lucky enough to sleep with an older woman, you’ll know that it really is a fantastic way to enjoy sex with a mature, trusting, and willing sexual partner. There are very few things that a horny, seductive, highly sexual older woman wouldn’t do. She will use her erotic and seductive wiles to tempt you with some exciting sex games…even some that may be taboo!

best sex education

You will have the time of your life and you will also benefit from receiving a deep and dirty practical education in sexual and intimate relationships. There is simply nothing that compares to a hands-on, physical experience. To remember; an ounce of action (or experience) is worth a ton of theory.

You will learn more in an afternoon of fucking an older woman than if you study any Sex Education manual. In life, nothing is better than ‘just doing it’; nothing is as good as learning on the job.

Older women love kinky fantasies

Mature women who have sex with a younger man will generally have very few inhibitions or complexes about sex and carnal desires. Older women are full of perverted fantasies and perverted thoughts about sex and intimate physical contact between people. Better yet, a mistress of a mature woman will be more than willing to act out these fantasies for real. Get ready to engage in some pretty kinky and risky sexual action.

Be a willing partner for her unusual sexual desires. Don’t refuse to participate in making her fantasies come true…unless it’s dangerous to you or to other people. If it’s harmless, consensual, doesn’t involve actual violence, and doesn’t endanger anyone else…go ahead! Enjoy and learn!

Say ‘yes’ more than you say ‘no’

Morality? Hmmmm… you have a choice. Yes, you could be alone, in your own room, watching porn and masturbating furiously‚Ķ or you could get between the cozy legs of a real horny and willing older woman and get into the warmth of her. Life is about choices. Folks, wouldn’t you rather have a hot, sexy mature woman’s soft fingers around her todger than her own cold, calloused hand? (Todger: British word = penis)

An older woman’s sexual partner will be much more experienced than you and therefore will have certain things that you like and enjoy. You will have confidence in your mindset for sexual gratification. She will be much more open to engaging in provocative, quirky and even bizarre sexual fantasies. Where I’ve been and where you’re going, you’ll need a strong stomach and a wild and weird mind! Friends, we are *not* speaking of a costumed firefighter uniform or dressing up as a nurse or light spanking!

Older women have such dirty minds

You will most likely find yourself in messy, sweaty threesomes or group sex sessions with couples and single studs. Many older women want to be penetrated by a group of young black men. Although it sounds politically incorrect these days, it is a fact that many women fantasize about being a submissive sex slave and love to play a subordinate role where she is a passive sex toy that others play or “use” with. usually many men. (Disclaimer: I asked 6 older women and they all said so.)

This sexual obedience fantasy role play may also involve her being pissed on (golden shower / water sports), tied to a bed and penetrated against her will (role play, of course), or having three men penetrate her vagina, anus, and mouth at the same time. The most common is being roasted by two guys, while she is on all fours on a bed with one guy entering from behind her while the other enters her mouth from in front of her.

In a world of political correctness gone mad and populated by a generation of sentient snowflakes, I’m actually wary and wary of writing more openly about what I know.

Mature women are VERY nasty!

Many of the older women you will meet will be mothers who have had one or more children. Some women find that childbirth has loosened her vagina so much that she now wants to insert larger objects. Welcome to the world of fisting! Don’t be surprised if the older babe she’s with one day asks you to put her whole fist inside her vagina. What probably won’t surprise you is how easily most women can accommodate a man’s fist inside her vagina. Just follow her instructions, use plenty of lubrication, and make sure you don’t hurt her.

Jump, it’s great!

Sex with an older woman will be an exciting part of your life with exciting new sex variations and erotic encounters. Very rarely will it be a simple missionary sex session, although from time to time, that will be exactly what you both want.

Be a willing participant; take an active part in life! Be open minded and do as you are told; it is rude to reject a woman. Do not hesitate, do not be indecisive. Be bold, be adventurous…and have fun.

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