Saturday Oct 16, 2021

Short term health insurance

Are you between jobs, without health insurance? Are you 64 and waiting to enter Medicare, without insurance? You just finished school and you don’t have insurance? Is your Cobra coverage sold out or is it too expensive? These are all situations in which a short-term medical policy can be beneficial.

Short-term health insurance is exactly what it sounds like. It is a temporary health coverage for those gaps in life. Most policies can cover you for days, weeks, or months. You can usually keep coverage for up to a year, but usually not longer. Premiums are usually quite affordable.

As you know, you can get sick or have an accident at any time. It is always unexpected. Just because you’re in a “temporary” situation doesn’t mean you should be without health coverage. If something happens when you don’t have health coverage, you and your family can easily be financially wiped out.

What is the best way to find a policy? As with anything else, you need to do your research. You need to check what the policy will cover and, more importantly, what it will not cover. Is the company trustworthy? Is the company financially sound? These are all things you need to analyze. The best way to find a policy and get answers to all of these questions is to find an “independent” insurance agent who specializes in this area.

Your financial well-being is too important. Don’t get caught without health insurance.

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