Sunday Nov 28, 2021

Speedy Pin – Are they a reliable calling card company?

When looking for a calling card, the most important thing to worry about is whether the company that sold you the card is trustworthy or not. Many calling card companies buy their cards from a wholesaler and resell them to people like you and me. So guess what happens if the calling card manufacturer stops working? That’s right, we just lost our money. However, if you bought from a company that offers their customers a 100% guarantee on their product line, wouldn’t you seriously consider buying from them?

Speedy Pin is one of those calling card companies that offers its customers 100% guarantees on all their products. In fact, of all the calling card companies I have used, they are the only company that offers such a policy. Speedy Pin has been in the calling card industry for ten years. Their longevity in the calling card industry is unique proof that they are a trustworthy and legitimate company. Here’s a direct quote from the Speedy Pin website regarding their policy.

“If an operator is unable to provide a satisfactory solution, customers must contact Speedy Pin within 30 days of the original purchase date to initiate a consultation. We will work on their behalf with the operator to promptly have a calling card replaced. or minutes lost. or we will provide you with additional minutes to make up for a defect not resolved by the carrier. “

Speedy Pin calling cards can only be purchased online. They accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments. What impressed me the most was the first time I set up my account on Speedy Pin. In order to complete my first order, I was asked to confirm my identity as a credit card holder. Once your identity is confirmed, your account will be activated and the PIN number will be sent to your email along with the telephone access numbers and instructions for using it. This is what I like to call an electronic calling card, since a physical card is not mailed to you.

Another thing I must mention about Speedy Pin is their excellent customer service. They offer free phone support which I really like. However, it is only available during business hours and not 24/7. But they still have very helpful customer service representatives and my wait time is never more than two minutes.

With a long history in the calling card industry, 100% warranty, online shopping security, and credit card protection, Speedy Pin tops my list as one of the most trusted calling card companies on the Internet.

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