Monday Jan 17, 2022

Tesla Model X: simply stunning and sublime

Quality and performance have remained the best part of Tesla throughout the years. The latest edition is the ‘Model X’ which is considered the most capable, fastest and safest sport utility vehicle. Being an uncompromising vehicle, it has a lot of cool features and quite a bit of intelligence. The expected price is set at $ 75,000 respectively.


1. Design and safety:

Model X is designed in such a way that safety remained the top priority. The presence of a floor-mounted battery keeps the gravitational force to a minimum, reducing the likelihood of a rollover. The structure of the battery is such that it strengthens the vehicle against any intrusion from side impact. Since there is no gasoline engine, the large front trunk works as a great shock absorbing feature.

The Model X is a smart car in the sense that it continuously scans the nearby road through radar, sonar systems, and the camera. This allows the driver to obtain information in real time to avoid collisions. If the speed is high enough, the vehicle is capable enough to apply the brakes automatically in the moment of an emergency.

Outside contamination, bacteria and pollen are constantly filtered through a medical grade HEPA filter before air is circulated inside the cabin. There are three modes to adjust the filter level including a “bioweapon defense”, “recirculate indoor air” and “circulate outdoor air” respectively. This creates a clean, positive pressure that protects the occupants inside.

2. Hawk wings:

Falcon Wing doors are special and unheard of before. They provide easy access to the second and third row seats even if the car is parked in a tight space. With just one foot of clearance on each side, Falcon Wing doors articulate smoothly. This allows passengers to enter the cabin from the front and rear. Interestingly, the side and top opening is so large that even parents can buckle children inside without straining, bending over, or even banging the child’s head against the ceiling.

3. Seating capacity:

The Model X has a capacity for seven people in the three rows. Every seat is equally good, but those in the second row are remarkable. Each second-row seat is mounted on a single post and reclines independently, helping to maximize legroom, comfort, and storage space under the seat. In addition, the third row is also easily accessible.

When not in use, the third row seats can be folded flat. While the second row seats can be tilted forward, allowing for more cargo space.

4. Engine:

Two versions of the Model X will be available to consumers. One is the P90D Signature and the other is the sportier P90D Founder. Engine specifications include a 259 hp electric motor that powers the front wheels and a 503 hp rear motor that drives the rear wheels to account for the all-wheel drive transmission.

The Signature version of the P90D has a top speed of 155 miles per hour and a range of 250 miles. In just 3.2 seconds, it can accelerate to 60 miles per hour respectively.

5. Fuel economy:

The Tesla Model X will prove to be fuel efficient as it is expected to perform well within the city and on the highway. Fuel consumption in the city is 88 miles per gallon, while on the highway it is 90 miles per gallon.

Therefore, anyone who owns a Tesla will find this version to be truly remarkable.

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