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The magic of DOS

In this guide you will learn to:

telnet , spoof email, using

nslookup and netcat with Windows XP.

So you have the latest and most dazzling “Fisher Price” version of Windows: XP. How can you use XP in a way that sets you apart from boring users?


Luser Alert: Anyone who thinks this GTMHH will discuss how to blow people up and email Sandra Bullock will know I won’t tell you how.


The key to doing great things with XP is as simple as DO S. Yes, that’s right, DOS is like MS-DOS, like MicroSoft Disk Operating System. Windows XP (as well as NT and 2000) comes with two versions of DOS. is the old version of DOS. Various versions of ship with Windows 95, 98, SE, ME, Windows 3 and DOS operating systems only.

Another DOS, which only comes with XP, 2000, and NT operating systems, is cmd.exe. Usually cmd.exe is better than because it is much more, has more commands and in terms of shell stuff on Linux and other unix-like operating systems. For example, you can repeat commands using until you want what you want. However, unlike bash, your DOS command history times out every time you shut down cmd.exe. The reason XP has a second version of DOS is that sometimes programs that won’t run correctly in cmd.exe will work in


Flame Alert: Some text throwing each other because I dared to compare DOS with bash. I can compare cmd.exe with bash if I want. Babysitter babysitter nah nah.

**************** DOS is your Windows’ number one gateway to the Internet, and open sesame to your local area network. From DOS, without the need to download a hacker program, you can do incredibly sophisticated scans and even break into a not-so-good computer.


You can go to prison warning: Breaking into a computer is illegal if you don’t have permission to do so from the owner of that computer. For example, if your friend gives you permission to log into their Hotmail account, it won’t protect you because Microsoft has Hotmail and they will never give you permission.



You may get warnings issued: Some kids have been kicked out of school just because they’re spawning a DOS prompt on the computer. Be sure to get WRITTEN permission from a teacher before showing that you can hack into a school computer.


So how do you turn on DOS?

Click All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt

Run cmd.exe. You will see a black screen with white text, say something like this:

microsoft windows xp [Version 5.1.2600]

(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.


Your first step is to find out what commands you can run in DOS. If you type “help” at the DOS prompt, you’ll get a long list of commands. However, this list makes all hackers like to use commands. These are some of the remaining commands from the hackers.

TCP/IP commands:







NetBIOS command (just some examples):


net use

clean look

clean local groups

TCP/IP stands for Internet Transmission Protocol/Control Protocol. As you might guess from its name, TCP/IP is the protocol that the Internet runs on. along with the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). So when you connect to the Internet, you can try these commands on other computers on the Internet. Most local area networks also use TCP/IP.

The NetBIOS (Net Basic Input/Output System) protocol is another form of communication between computers. It is often used by Windows computers and Unix/Linux-like computers running Samba. You can often use NetBIOS commands over the Internet (brought in, so to speak, from TCP/IP). However, in most cases, the firewall will block the NetBIOS command. Also, not many computers on the Internet run NetBIOS because it is so easy to use. We will discuss the NetBIOS command in the following guide to hack XP.

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