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The secret world of witches

Night runners are male or female witches, with extraordinary powers, who are possessed by an evil spirit to cause discomfort at night by performing all kinds of evil activities while people sleep. When possessed, they go into a trance and develop strange and abnormal characteristics that range from sensing a human being from afar, producing a red light on the tip of the tongue, climbing thorny trees, riding on wild animals such as hyenas, hippos, and huge snakes. . , most of which are rare as pets.

These magicians come in all ages, from middle-aged teens to mature men and women, but of course strong enough to challenge the race at night. They run naked in the dark, but they never get hurt. They are so sensitive that catching them is almost impossible. Most of the time we had always managed to track some down, we had to take specific steps and the results were quite positive.

During the day, night runners are very normal people, leading normal lives and socializing in the community like anyone else. When the sun goes down, his character changes from a normal human being to an unpredictable person with crazy thoughts and behaviors. They have been known to camouflage themselves in bushes, trees, water, and rocks while waiting for people to scare and ambush them. When in a trance, magicians are so powerful that when they apply their wits and a sudden evil ambush, they can cause eternal deafness, dumbness, or even death.

They are people who live in two different worlds, but they never reveal their secrets to anyone who does not share the qualities of a magician or witchcraft. Male night runners only possess the qualities of night running, but their female counterparts exhibit another characteristic: in addition to running at night, they also cast evil spells through their evil eye. This, they simply do by looking at someone while they eat, drink, or swallow, resulting in severe stomach pain in the bewitched person.

There are only special wizards or traditional herbalists who know how to remove the evil eye or protect people from being attacked by the evil eye.

A night runner would visit your home in the middle of the night and run around the house, while throwing small stones onto the iron sheet roof, causing continuous irritation that would keep you awake for most of the night. When they get irritated, they get nasty and repeatedly slam their butt on people’s doors. But tracking or seeing them even during this time is not easy because when you open the door to check, they camouflage themselves by getting up just above the door and sticking their feet inside.

Running at night or casting the evil eye is primarily hereditary, but in some cases, people who were not originally witches are known to have been apprentices through powerful rituals, and for their family to be successful, the correlation between the wife and the husband must be good. . For example, some communities believe that when a night runner runs out and kicks doors or scares people at night, their spouses must be in the kitchen frying peanuts with one leg resting on the cooking stone. If the peanuts were burned, it is believed that they would catch the night runner.

People feared night runners due to their underworld activities since time immemorial, but

Unlike what happens today, when in some communities they are punished with severe beatings and death, they were not supposed to be publicly denounced lest they cast a perverse spell on the person who did it. Our ancestors treated them with respect and there would be a pact between the person who caught a night runner and the night runner himself, which would lead to the night runner being released unharmed and protected, but would reward the tracker by secretly giving him of a black cow.

The first time we went out on a hunting mission to track down wizards, we were not allowed to enter the house for a specified period to help avoid being sniffed. They also told us to avoid eating fresh red meat or a ripe rooster. It is also believed that anyone who wants to deal with a stubborn night runner should roast a fresh sprig of Euphorbia. This appears to cause the night runner’s limbs to swell and prevent them from causing discomfort.

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