Wednesday Jan 19, 2022

Thumbs up! How to text to flirt with a girl

Have no idea when it comes to knowing how to flirt with a girl? Are you having trouble thinking of things to say that will get your attention? Would you like some advice on flirting through the use of technology? Texting has become the communication tool of choice for many people today. It has almost replaced phone calls for people under the age of 35. But as with any type of flirting, texting flirting requires skills that aren’t natural to everyone. Before you tie your thumb, try these tips on how to flirt with a girl via text:

Keep it short.

The first rule of thumb on how to text flirt with a girl is to keep your text messages short and pleasant. Texting is not designed to send long, detailed narratives. The shorter the message, the more it will attract your attention. Several short messages work better than a text that is too long that stops reading in the middle.

Keep it light.

The second rule of thumb on how to text flirt with a girl is to be light. Texting is not the ideal forum to discuss philosophy or the fate of the Western world. Send impactful text messages that are light-hearted and even fun. No knock-knock jokes please, but use your own quirky worldview to send text messages that make her smile or laugh.

Keep it up.

The third rule of thumb on how to text to flirt with a girl is to use strategies to keep the conversation going. One of the best ways to do this is by asking questions, and those that require more than a simple yes or no. Engage her in a few back-and-forth questions. You will have their attention and both of you will learn more about each other in the process. You can also play word games to get the fun creative juices flowing, but only if you’re both a bit freaky.

Keep it positive.

The fourth rule on how to flirt with a girl is to spread positive thoughts. A text message is a perfect way to pay a girl a compliment, because she can’t see you’re blushing! Don’t be effusive, but feel free to tell her that you liked the outfit she wore today or her new haircut. Never try to use text messages to argue a point, or to argue, a point. Everything you write is kept in stone, well, electronically at least. You don’t want him to go through your messages over and over again, wondering how he thought he ever liked such an idiot.

Keep clean.

The fifth rule on how to flirt with a girl is to avoid being vulgar. You may have the best dirty joke in the world, but sometimes things don’t translate well when in black and white on a screen, without the benefit of your smiling, innocent gaze! Also, see rule n. 4 above. You don’t want to have your six-pack photos or your best Howard Stern impression in a text video forever, do you?

Now that you’ve followed the rules for how to flirt with a girl via text message, the next time you try, you won’t feel your thumbs up (sorry!). If you follow these simple tips, you will find that text messaging is one of the simplest and most effective ways to capture and keep a girl’s attention.

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