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Weekend Makeover by Don Aslett

Don Aslett’s “Weekend Makeover” is a book that will convince you and help you get rid of your junk NOW. There are many books on organization, but I think Don Aslett’s are among the best for motivating a person to do something with all the unnecessary possessions that obstruct our lives.

“Weekend Makeover” is a revised version of Aslett’s “Lose 200 Lbs. This Weekend”. If you have that book, you may not want to get this one. While there is new material in “Weekend Makeover,” much of the book is the same. I’ll point out the big differences in this review, which includes two additional chapters, but keep in mind that there are minor differences throughout. Personally, I like the format and images in the previous book. “Lose 200 pounds.” it was a bigger book with more illustrations. These were typical of Aslett’s Marsh Creek Press editions, and when the books were reviewed and published by Adams Media, they took on a more conventional size with fewer illustrations. Don’t think I don’t like the Adams Media editions. They put out some great books, and I like the little cheat sheet on how to sort trash and get started on the cover of “Weekend Makeover.” However, I really liked the old large size with many illustrations from the original. The most important thing about either edition is the great information on desjunking that Aslett provides.

Aslett points out that the “weight” you will lose if you follow the Weekend Makeover tips is not just the weight around us (closet, attic and garage clutter), but also the weight on us (stress, pressure, depression) , etc. us (calorie disorder). If you’ve ever felt stressed about not being able to find something in a mess, having to quickly clean up or hide the mess because people are coming, or any number of bad feelings due to excess in many of our lives, this book is for you.

I really enjoy Aslett’s no-nonsense and direct approach. Eliminate clutter and disorganization from your life. While that’s one reason to ditch the garbage, the big reason according to Aslett is to feel better. That’s the big reason to eliminate junk, and it’s a very good reason for that. Once the clutter and disorganization are gone, you can be a lot more productive and things seem to be going a lot better. Being in control and being organized will make you feel better. As someone who has accumulated, I have used Aslett’s books as motivators to get my butt going and shed. Once this was done, I felt so much better. But sometimes old habits are hard to die off, and I’ve found that at certain times things, for one reason or another, started to pile up again. (The mess of papers seems to be my biggest obstacle) Aslett’s books always pick me up and get me back on track. Speed ​​reading certain chapters again is great motivation. And I keep learning new tricks to help me stay on track.

After a motivating introduction and a quiz to determine what kind of junker you are, this book is divided into nine chapters, two more than Lose 200 Lbs. “:

1. Too much. Aslett points out how many of us have too much, how excess has taken over. Describe excess and how it can make us depressed. Then explain why you can less help us.

2. What are the costs of clutter? Original Chapter Title: The Many Price Tags of Disorder. Chapter Two illustrates how clutter costs us in many ways. It takes our money, our time, our freedom. Dejunking will make us feel better, improve our time management, save us money, and many other positive things that Aslett describes in this chapter.

3. The big question: When? (The answer: This weekend) Title of the original chapter: The big question: When? An entire chapter on why you should get rid of your trash NOW. Read it and you’ll be motivated to get started NOW, this weekend.

4. The power of a weekend. This is an added chapter from the first addition. In this short chapter, Aslett describes how much you can do on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Aslett shares how you can MAKE the time to eliminate junk. (Some of the ideas in this chapter were originally in the previous edition chapter The Simple Weight Loss Solution: Subtract!

5. The ABC of disorder. Original Chapter Title: The Simple Weight Loss Solution: Subtract! If too many things are the cause of disorganization that leads to stress and other ills, simple math shows that subtraction is the key. Aslett shows you how to make a plan and start getting rid of excess

6. Clutter at a glance. (The first edition had this as Chapter 5) This chapter is a short course on the most common and troublesome types of clutter that inhabit the modern home and office. Things in addition to things, clothes, furniture clutter, photos, gifts, books, magazines, exercise clutter, paper clutter, sentimental clutter, someday things, and other categories. Aslett offers good advice on what can be done to eliminate these categories of clutter. However, I must admit that while I do enjoy reading Aslett’s books and find his advice to be excellent, when it comes to my library, I don’t get rid of any. Books are my most precious possessions. Not only do I read all of them, I often reread parts and use them for research. Also, I like having a huge library. My autographed books are especially important to me, and yes, I have several of my Aslett books signed from the moment I had a chance to meet him. My copy of Lose 200 Lbs is signed and I will have it along with all my books until the end. Then they will go to my family or to a library. And that’s a good point. Use Atlett’s tips to work for you. You don’t have to follow it to the T to earn a lot and improve your life by being dejunking.

7. Guide to room-by-room clutter. This is an additional chapter not found in the first edition. This chapter focuses on different rooms and where you can find what kind of clutter there is. Some readers will be surprised to find things in their own abodes listed in this chapter. The solution? Dejunk.

8. To keep it off now! This is the chapter that I need to reread from time to time. It is the chapter on how to prevent clutter in the future. Aslett provides some simple and effective tips on how to stay organized once you’ve got your life in order. Finish the chapter with his Ten Commandments to stay free.

9. Too wonderful for words. A final few pages that include some testimonials from people who have retired and what has been done for them, as well as some words of encouragement from Aslett, including his personal code that works for him. He calls it “Living with Providence”, the big ten.

If you’ve read other Aslett books on clutter, you know his style. This one is so fun, so practical, so motivating. I have won from all of them. As a junker, I appreciate Aslett’s books and how they have helped me clean up when things start to pile up, and I’m trying to incorporate her advice on how to keep it tidy so I don’t have to go through it in the future.

This book may not have enough new material for someone who already has “Lose 200 Lbs.” buy, unless you’re an Aslett fan like me. However, if you haven’t read the previous edition, I highly recommend this book if you need a boost to be able to unjunking and organize your living space. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment or a huge mansion, clutter will steal your time and your life. Don Aslett is committed to helping people break free from clutter, and this book is one of those that will help you achieve that freedom.

If you want to take charge of your life and organize yourself more. Read this book and act NOW. Get rid of the excess in your life and watch some of your stress disappear as well.

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