Monday Jan 17, 2022

Where to hide your hidden camera

People like to watch and observe what happens when they are away. For security reasons or simply to satisfy your desire to spy. Many want to know what their spouse does alone at home or how a babysitter takes care of the baby when both parents are working.

These people sometimes get confused and don’t even know where to hide their cameras in the house. Which area is safest (which means the camera will not be detected)? What place would people not want to see, etc.

Next, we will try to see some of the best places in the house where one would want to hide their spy camera to observe and record various activities in the area.

Hiding a spy camera in a bedroom

If a person is concerned about whether or not their spouse is cheating on them, the most obvious place to install a hidden camera would be in a bedroom.

But where in a bedroom would be better to place the hidden camera?

Nightstand – Ok, most bedrooms have nightstands, right? So one of the best places to put a hidden camera would be on a bedside table, behind some normal object, like a clock or a radio. You could get a hidden camera already built into a clock and place it on the nightstand.

Curtain Rod – Another place could be a curtain rod. If you can get a small spy camera, which is barely visible from a distance of 10 feet, you can mount it on top of the curtain or curtain rod. You can get a much better viewing angle and record everything without much trouble.

Television – Many people have televisions in their bedrooms. Therefore, placing a tiny camera near the television or on top of the television would be a good idea. Of course, the spy camera must be hidden and not look like a spy camera.

PC – Some people have PCs in their rooms. One could simply replace the normal speakers with new ones, which already have a spy camera installed and conduct secret surveillance in this way.

Bookcase: Placing a hidden camera on a bookcase can be a good idea. Especially when the hidden camera is in the shape of a book.

Placing a hidden camera in a living room

Teddy Bear – Many people have all kinds of stuffed toys. It is possible to just take one and put a camera inside.

Toy cars: If there are toy cars in the living room or any other room, you can put a small micro-camera on that toy and spy on others.

Mirrors: You can buy a double-sided mirror and place a spy camera there. Otherwise, it is possible to buy a mirror with a built-in hidden camera already.

Lamps: You can take out a light bulb or lamp and put a spy camera inside. Then turn off the light and start the surveillance. Just make sure no one tries to repair it.

Flowers: You can put a small camera in a pot and place it on a window sill, for example. If you have some flowers in the living room or plants, this will not look strange.

Switches – Small cameras can be placed on light switches. Some light switches have covers that help mask the spy camera lenses.

Place a hidden camera in a kitchen

Lastly, you may want to put a spy camera in your kitchen. This wouldn’t look suspicious if you put a clock in the kitchen somewhere.

There are already spy cameras designed that look like coffee cups. Could you find a better place for that item other than the kitchen?

Lastly, you can get one of those portable spy cameras and put it wherever you want. Bedroom, living room, kitchen or office. Nowhere will that article look suspicious. It can be pens, glasses, lighters, mobile phones, etc.

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