Saturday Aug 13, 2022

Why isn’t forex trading taught in school?

There are three types of education today. The first is academic education, the second is professional education, and the third is financial education.

In the industrial age, around the 1930s, major industries needed more workers than entrepreneurs, so the richest industrialist took over the ministry of education and decided to produce more employees who only knew how to look for a job and not undertake. . Financial education was removed from the normal curriculum.

Employees did not have to learn to trade stocks or currencies because they were well paid and companies could take care of them for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it was not important for schools to teach students how to trade forex because the current curriculum is sufficient for one to get a job.

As the information age arrived after World War II, more and more industries entered the competition and, to make matters worse, large companies went into debt due to bad spending and needed big bailouts from the country. Once the debt was too much for the government to take over, companies had to lay off their employees to cut payroll. Once the country is hit by depression, laid off employees will find it very difficult to find another job, as there are no additional jobs available in a bad economy. Employees with professional training, such as accountants and doctors, can still form their own consultancy to get ahead. Only skilled workers can trade their skills for money. Normal office workers with no skills would have to be out of work until the economy returns in a few years.

Once a country is hit by a bad economy, only those with a solid financial education will survive and escape poverty. A good example of solid financial education is having the ability to scalp the forex market for additional income. To educate yourself in forex trading, you need to invest time and money to learn from financial experts.

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